Thursday, March 15, 2018

Team AKGVH Winter Olympics Round Up - Part 2

Welcome to our AKGVH Winter Olympics Round Up Post, Part 2!! 

If you missed Part 1 of this here post, you can catch it right here:

Team AKGVH Winter Olympics Round Up Part 1

We hope you have enjoyed all of our Winter Olympics posts this Season.  If you have missed any posts, DIG the quick links:

We did a few other Winter Olympic Games activities as well. The Winter Olympics roll and count you will find in Cassie’s 3 Dinosaurs Winter Olympics pack:



For the next activity I got out the big Olympic Rings I made by wrapping hoola hoops with crape paper streamers using the official colors of the Olympics. I attached the hoops together in order using plastic ties.  I laid it on the floor and my wee babes had some fun jumping from empty space to empty space:

Then when they were done, I got some small post its and we decided how many points each empty space in the rings would be worth, lower points in large spaces and higher points in smaller spaces.   

I wrote the points on the post its, then placed each sheet in the agreed upon space. 

Using a bean bag, my wee ones tossed it into a space and began to rack up the points. At the end of the game, I added their points. They were lovin' it:

Here are two more Winter Olympic Games you will want to view:

Skeleton Explained:

These wee babes perform Winter Olympic Games of their own:

Here are a few more games and ideas you can do in your classroom:

Two different types of Winter Olympic Games Bingo:


Print out some Olympic event signs: 

Get our AKGVH exclusive vintage printable Winter Olympics activities for your classroom. Over 200 pages packed full of coloring pages, dot to dots, mazes, hidden pictures, paper dolls, crafts and more from our AKGVH Teacher’s Notebook Store: 

AKGVH Winter Olympics Games Vintage Activity Pack

                                                                Marc and Kathy Zimmerman Woodburn's Pups

Well, that wraps up our Winter Olympic Games activities this Olympic Season! We hope you implement some of our activities in your classroom every Winter!

See you soon!

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