Sunday, January 28, 2018

Olympic Winter Games - Team AKGVH Curling & FREEBIE!

Welcome back to our AKGVH Winter Olympics!!!

If you missed our AKGVH Bobled Race post, DIG the quick link: 

Olympic Winter Games Team AKGVH Bobsled Race

After our Bobsled race, our next race was curling. 

If you are off the ice in regards to the history of this sport, the official Olympics site will give you the sweep: 

Curling Equipment and History

Since we are not in heavy snow country, we used our cement slab for our Curling Games. I assembled some empty plant pots for cones, retrieved my trusty rubber broom while my wee grandbabes picked out their spuds. I then set the pots strategically to make a path and used a deco brick for the goal.  I had them wear their head wreaths to really get the feel of the race. 

Once again, the one who reached then goal first in the shortest amount of time won. Die roll to see who went first & in rote they were off when the bell rang. Zander was first and moved his spud with ease: 

Damien was diggin' this race and laughed his way through the plant pot cones:

Levi was on a roll pushin' his spud right on through to the goal: 

Rayven being skilled with a broom strolled her way through the course:

And baby KaiaSue had a front side walker view:

All of my wee grandbabes enjoyed this sport of Curling immensely!  

So then, we all properly placed our medals on our AKGVH Interactive Winter Olympics Bulletin Board and our board is beginning to fill up quite nicely:

And now for your FREEBIE! Our AKGVH hand drawn coloring and maze pages:


 Visit our FAV Curling web links to get MORE freebies:

Jo has a whole page of various Curling printables on her Making Learning Fun site:

Making Learning Fun Curling Printables

 The Activity Village has Curling printables for its members:

Activity Village Curling Member Pages

Here is a Curling coloring page for older children:

Curling Coloring Page from ABC Teach

Speech Foodie has a Curling coloring page with the player featuring a Scottish hat:

Scottish Hat Curling Player

Morning Kids has a tiger Curling player for wee ones to color:

Tiger Curling Player

Vancouver 2010 Olympics has a Curling page to color as well:

Vancouver 2010 Curling Coloring Page   

Here is a dyno Curling Physics Lesson Plan from Real World Physics for High Schoolers:

Real World Physics of Curling Lesson Plan   

If you dig the sport of Curling, you will dig these Curling Trading Card collectibles listed on eBay:

Curling Olympics Trading Cards


You can play a game of Curling on your very own table at home with your wee ones:

Curling Table Top Games

Well, that wraps up our Curling games for this Winter Olympics 2018. If you missed our Winter Olympics Bobsled Race post, DIG the quick link:

Olympic Winter Games Team AKGVH Bobsled Race and FREEBIE!  

Come and visit us next time for  our AKGVH Figure Skating fun & FREEBIE!

See you there!
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