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Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 1 & FREEBIE!

Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 1 & FREEBIE! 


Being located in the National Forest we do a Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit every Autumn. For us,  Autumn is the driest season which makes it the most fire prone season for us. As one can imagine, covering a Forest Fire Safety Unit during this season promotes fire awareness and preparedness, which in turn could very possibly save our home and our lives from danger.

Being in fire country we are STOKED to possess a fairly large swimming pool. It is a HUGE plus as it can be quickly transformed into a water source for hosing down our roofs if deemed necessary.  WHEW!!!

In Southern California, Autumn brings strong winds along with dry drought conditions. These are grave concerns for all who live in fire prone areas.  The 2003 Cedar Fire  was the largest fire in recorded California history up to that time. Beginning on October 25, contained on November 3, fully contained on December 5, this destructive fire burned 280,278 acres (1,134.2 km2) 2,820 buildings (including 2,232 homes) and killed 15 people. Also it did not matter if you lived rural or in the city, this fire was no respecter. It jumped highways, burned along major freeways, wiped out entire possessions and swaths of land in a moments time.  

In the year 2013, The San Diego Union - Tribune did a 10 year anniversary tribute. You can view a slide show of photos they compiled here:


UNREAL !!! Yet, these photos are a mere glimpse of the devastation that fire brought. Safety preparedness precautions is PARAMOUNT whether you live in fire country, earthquake country, flood areas or other natural disaster prone areas! This is something that most people are aware of yet do nothing to prepare themselves...then it is too LATE as Smokey reminds us in 1957:

For those of you who live in disaster prone areas , we hope our Wildfire Safety Unit with Smokey the Bear prompts you to  PREPARE YOUR FAMILY ahead of time for any/all natural disasters that may come your way in this unpredictable world.

Smokey the Bear visits us every year during our Descanso Parade:

Then in October, we begin our Wildfire Safety Unit with various vintage Smokey the Bear media. First we played our story record:

 You can get one for your children here on Amazon:

or here on eBay: 

Smokey the Bear Book and Record

I got out my box of Smokey doll puppets and gave one to each child:

Then I played another record. This one has just the song on it:

They danced their Smokey puppets while they sang the song:

You can get the Smokey the Bear Song Sheet PDF here:

Smokey the Bear Song Sheet

You can sing along with Eddie Arnold:

Next we got out our Doug & Melissa Theater and my babes re-enacted the story in their own version using Smokey & other stuffed animals in their story:

Aren't these Smokey doll puppets cute?! You may want to incorporate these dolls for your children's Fire Unit. Here is a collectable you can get from Amazon:


eBay has a fine array of Smokey dolls: 

Smokey the Bear Plush Doll

And what do you think about our colorful and versatile Doug & Melissa Puppet Time Theater? We just LOVE it!!! It has a chalkboard under the clock to write the title of your play. The clock has movable hands to tell the time your play begins. The curtains have tie backs for opening or closing. My babes have HOURS of fun with this theater and so will yours!! Here is one from Amazon:

eBay has quite a selection of Doug & Melissa Puppet Time Theater's to choose from: 

Doug & Melissa Puppet Time Theater

I played these other Smokey story and song 33 PM records while we did our play:

While these records are overall non-existant on Amazon, once again eBay has a nice assortment of Smokey the Bear records:

Smokey the Bear Record

Download Smokey's Story PDF, print it out, staple the pages in order to make a book and read it to your class from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources:

Smokey's Story

This is a wonderful National Park resource record from Disney. At 33 RPM's, it contains a bounty of National Park Songs packed with fun and adventure:

Amazon has only one of these currently:

Overall, you can trust eBay to pull through with a good selection:

Disney's Songs of the National Parks

Do you remember View Master? Well we have a very rare vintage View Master Wall Projector. This projector is an excellent medium for a homeschool class. We use ours often:

With the accompanying booklet, I read each reel as my babes listened and looked at the projections. 

As you can see, the projections did not photograph very good. This location may not appear to be ideal but in reality this dark hallway does work well for our View Master projections. While it is a bit cramped, it  is the best viewing spot we can hope for during daylight hours, so we make do:

Want to add a View Master to your classroom media? You can get individual viewers on Amazon:

Or you can find one just like ours on eBay: 

View Master Projector

Here is a link for Smokey the Bear View Master Reels from eBay. Good 'ol eBay comes through once again! SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!! 

Smokey the Bear View Master Reels

 You may want to show this vintage 1953 Little Smokey: The True Story of America's Fire Prevention Bear narrated by that famous cowboy Hopalong Cassidy to your class. This was a A Public Service Program from Your State Forestry Department and the U.S. Forest Service Sponsored by The Advertising Council. Produced by United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service:

Here are some more Smokey videos for your babes to watch:

 Smokey & Bambi Prevent Forest Fires Ad Council:

 Smokey Commercial Mix:

1971 Public Service Short featuring Dennis Weaver:

 Smokey the Bear in "Fire Fighters Convention"

While this is a silent film, it is the REAL Smokey:

Here are some cutie pie baby bears at play in Yosemite National Park:

Next I introduced my Smokey the Bear Wildfire Prevention charts.* In 1944 Smokey told us that care will prevent 9 out of 10 forest fires:

After the war many new families formed. These new families were in need of homes as the greatest baby boom in U.S. history was about to take place. Smokey reminded us in 1945 forest fires prevents the building of homes due to lack of timber:

This one from 1955 reminds us that our carelessness can KILL the trees of tomorrow as well:

More reasons promoted in 1962 to take care:

Smokey asks us ALL in 1960 WHY?:

In 1954, the Girl Scouts joined Smokey in promoting fire prevention:

Working together we CAN prevent forest fires like these 2 pals did in 1956:

In 1962, the Girl Scouts joined Smokey on their 50th birthday:

1960 Smokey shows us via Reader's Digest how his fire prevention program had helped bring down the amount of fire damage in our forests:

In 1962 Smokey displays his rules:

In 1964, Smokey reminded us to enjoy NOT destroy:

This 1965 Smokey the Bear poster tells us that BEFORE you start a fire, follow these steps:

 Smokey's Fire Prevention ABC's hit the scene in 1966:

Smokey thanks us for our fire prevention care in 1967:

Smokey invites us to be his guests in this 1967 poster and asks us to PLEASE prevent forest fires:

1969 reminds children to NEVER play with matches:

In the 70's, a good majority of American's were "flicking their Bics" so Smokey reminds us that BEFORE we do:

 In 1978, Smokey set American's up with these Fire Safety Tools:

1979 reminds us that crits cannot help us prevent forest fires:

The Boy Scouts join Smokey in 1980 thanking us for our fire prevention activities:

1981 features Smokey's famous saying:

Smokey reminds us to THINK in 1982:

in 1995 Smokey counts on us for fire prevention:

In 2004, Smokey celebrates 60 years of his fire prevention promotion:

This 2007 Smokey close up is a good forest fire prevention reminder during the new millennium:

Smokey the Bear goes LIVE in 2011:

2014 Smokey celebrates his 70th birthday with huge celebrations throughout the USA:

Get a Smokey the Bear fire prevention hug:

YOU can help Smokey to sleep soundly by following his fire prevention rules & tips:

 Take Smokey's Conservation Pledge TODAY!!

This years elections are coming upon us. Check out this 1969 Vote for Smokey-Take His Pledge:

* The charts on this post are watermarked with our Homeschool logo as they are from my personal collection. I do NOT own the rights, my intent is  to protect my collection on our AKGVH blog ONLY.

South Carolina's Forestry Commission has MORE of these vintage posters for further fire prevention encouragement:

South Carolina Forestry Commission Vintage Smokey the Bear Posters

You can get a Wildfire Prevention Sign & Posters PDF Guide from the National Wildfire Coordinating Group to add to your Wildfire Unit:

Wildfire Prevention Guide PDF

 Then we put together our Smokey the Bear Fire Prevention bulletin boards:

You can get our Smokey Fire Danger and Forest Fire Levels Indicator Wheel along with Fire Prevention Coloring Pages FREEBIE from our Teacher's Notebook Store:

Fire Prevention Indicator Wheel and Fire Prevention Coloring Pages

Included in our Smokey Fire Danger and Forest Fire Levels Indicator Wheel along with Fire Prevention Coloring Pages FREEBIE is this cute poem The Unusual Forest Ranger:

So do NOT miss out on this bundle FULL of Smokey the Bear Fire Prevention teaching resources and grab your FREEBIE today!!
Fire Prevention Indicator Wheel and Fire Prevention Coloring Pages

Here are some dyno Smokey the Bear Teaching Guide links for your further unit enhancement:

Smokey Bear - Bear on a Mission - Very Informative Historical &Current Info

Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources Teaching Guide PDF

Smokey Bear's Official Site has the following teaching guides and activities:

Smokey Bear Teaching Resources K-Gr 2 

Smokey Bear Teaching Resources Middle School 

Teaching tools from Calfire:

Cal Fire Just for Kids

 Calfire Teacher's Tools

Learning to Live with Fire

Check out our Fire Safety Fingerplays and Songs post as you will want to add some of them to your unit:

Fire Safety Fingerplays and Songs

Or you may want to print them out. You can get them on a PDF for FREE from our Teacher's Notebook Store:

Fire Safety Fingerplays and Songs FREEBIE PDF Printables

This is my FAV vintage Smokey the Bear fire prevention chart, the perfect end to our Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 1:

You can get this rare vintage chart for yourself as it is also included in our Smokey the Bear Fire Prevention teaching resources FREEBIE. Just click on the link below!

Fire Prevention Indicator Wheel and Fire Prevention Coloring Pages

Well, l@@ks like thus far we have ROCKED our Smokey the Bear Unit with a good start. If you have liked or done some of our Smokey the Bear Part 1 activities, we would DIG hearin' from YOU!! 

Come back and visit us soon for MORE Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit MORE FREEBIES!

Smokey Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 2 

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C.S. Calkins

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  1. Wow! What a thorough post on Smokey and fire prevention. Thanks!

  2. Wow, as an Upstate New Yorker, our fire prevention is, for the most part, centered around working smoke alarms, making sure candles aren't left burning alone in a room and making sure never to use fire without an adult. Living without the real threat of forest fire is something I am certainly taking for granted! Thank you for the post.

  3. Many thanks for your comments Lori & Math Spot!!! They are MUCH appreciated as this here post took a WHOLE day & 1/2 the night to write!!! Check out our Part 2 Learning About the Fire Triangle with yes, ANOTHER FREEBIE!

  4. Wow, this post is amazing! SO many resources and ideas to do a unit study of your own! Thanks so much for sharing and putting it all together!

    Thanks for linking up at Favorite things Friday! Hope to see you again this week!

    1. Many thanks for visiting us once again, Rebecca!!! Cannot find your FAV Things Friday party for this week...

  5. I love Smokey the Bear! We learned about him growing up and you just brought me such happy memories back! Thanks for sharing this valuable resource on Social Butterfly Sunday this week, and thanks so much for sharing the link up button on your blog! I greatly appreciate that! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Many thanks for stopping by, Kelly! STOKED you DIG Smokey the Bear as well! I have just recently discovered your blog and am following along with l@@king forward to your Social Butterfly Sunday!! Visit us soon for MORE vintage fun & FREEBIES!!