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Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 4 & FREEBIES!

 Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 4  & FREEBIES!

L@@ks like we made it to our  4th and final post covering our Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit! If you missed our previous for this unit you can click on the following links to read up & grab MORE FREEBIES:

Thus far, we have learned much about forestry and wildfires. Now that we know the basics, we are ready to learn how to use what we learned when camping.  We go camping with our FAV Smokey  Bear's Camping Book filled with forest lore, safety tips and outdoor fun for young readers:

This book covers just about every camping safety tip you can think of all with a few words and many illustrations. This book follows the Peterson's  National Park camping adventures. These campers receive a visit from the ranger and their FAV bear, Smokey:

 Smokey stays to help them set up their camp. They discuss important camping items needed along with some helpful hints to keep food from the forest creatures:

Smokey takes the children on a hike and shows them how to make a trail and to l@@k out for weather signs:

First Aid basics comes in handy while camping. Smokey covers what to l@@k out for and what to do if you get hurt in the wilderness:

They set up a little overnight camp  spot while Smokey shows the children how to build a wilderness campfire and how to purify water for drinking:

And with Smokey's help, they had a wonderful time and arrived safely  back at camp with promises to visit him again next year:

If you like to camp, this book is an EXCELLENT addition to add to your curriculum. You can get one from Amazon here:

But eBay has more to select from: 

Smokey Bear's Camping Book

Either way, be sure to get Smokey's Camping book for your babes!

We made our own camp fire using paper towel & tp rolls, brown tempera paint, glue gun, school glue & tissue paper. Have your child paint each tube brown, let dry. Then arrange them on a piece of cardboard & using your glue gun, glue each tube in place. Remember this glue is HOT, so take care NOT to burn fingers...OUCH!!! Then with the school glue, glue pieces on crumpled red, orange, yellow, we even added some blue tissue on the tubes to represent fire:

We buy our paints by the gallon. You can get some washable brown tempera from Amazon:

You can find quite a selection on eBay:

Brown Tempera Paint Gallon

We also get our glue in gallon containers. You can get a gallon for your babes from Amazon:

or select from eBay:

School Glue Gallon

Need a glue gun or ready for a replacement? Here is a nice mini one for child use:


or select any type from eBay:

Mini Glue Gun

A pack of 100 glue sticks ensures plenty of gluing activity fun:

more from eBay: 

Mini Glue Gun Sticks 100 Count

What about tissue paper? Here is an array of 100 20" X 26" brilliantly colored sheets from Amazon:

Here is a large selection from eBay: 

Tissue Paper

Now that we know about forestry basics & made a pretend campfire, we played our Let's Visit Smokey Bear Boardgame. Each child colored their own gameboard, then we mounted them on a piece of tagboard to add sturdiness: 

If you need some tagboard, here is some from Amazon:

White Medium Weight:                             White Heavy Weight:

 18" X 24"           24" X 36"                        18" X 24"           24" X 36"  

 Manilla Light Weight:             Manilla Heavy Weight:

24" X 36"                                      22.5" X 28.5"


a nice array, even colors is offered from eBay:


I wrote their names on the gameboard so each child could use their own gameboard to play. They chose a marker & rolled the dice in rote. 

They moved their marker along their board. The one who finished first won the game but the others wanted to keep on playing until they reached Smokey:


Now for your FREEBIE! Your own Smokey the Bear Boardgame just like ours for your babes to play from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store:

 Let's Visit Smokey Bear Boardgame

Well, that wraps up our Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit for this year. We hope you have enjoyed our unit and come back next year for MORE Smokey the Bear activities!

C.S. Calkins


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