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Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 3 & FREEBIE!

Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 3  & FREEBIE!

In our first Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit post, Part 1 (If you missed it, click here: Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 1) I introduced the unit using vintage Smokey posters, Smokey Bulletin Boards, records, theater plays, and videos.

Our second post (If you missed part 2, click here:  Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 2 ) we learned about Fire Triangles, did an experiment and made a fire triangle for our Wildfire Chart Center.

Both Parts one & two include FREEBIES for you to print out available at our Teacher's Notebook Store:

 AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store

This here third post are pocket chart and flannel board games covering the right and wrong of forest behavior. The name of these games is "Glad Smokey & Sad Smokey." What makes Smokey glad? What makes Smokey sad? (You can find your FREEBIE Glad & Sad Smokey Puppets at the bottom of this post.)

Using our pocket chart first, I introduced Smokey's Forestry rules, right and wrong in detail. I wrote sentences on sentence strips and added the matching picture as I read each one. I asked the children, "Does this make Smokey Glad or Sad?" as I placed the picture next to its sentence.


I have made an entire 61 page pack featuring large color, large B & W, small color, & small B & W pictures with sentences available here for purchase:

Glad & Sad Smokey Flannelboard & Pocket Chart Pictures & Sentences Pack

In the pack I included the above sentences and pictures in both color and B & W. To save on computer ink, you may want to write out the sentences on sentence strips like I did. Here are some from Amazon:

my fav is manilla:

but you can get them in white:

they come in assorted colors as well...excellent color addition to thematic units or for filing purposes:

Need some markers? Here are some value packs. One in black:

 and one in 4 assorted colors:

eBay has an assortment to choose from with one click: 

Permanent Markers

For those of you who prefer using dry erase sentence strips, they come in white:

 or assorted colors:

DIG these magnetic sentence strips...have not tried them as of yet but they are on my LIST!!! They come in white or assorted colors:

eBay has a large assortment including regular, sentence strips on a roll, pre-cut, some feature thematic headers or boarders, are dry erase, etc: 

Sentence Strips

 Need to store those strips? I clip mine to keep them in order and from getting lost:

but you can get some of these handy yet sturdy cardboard sentence strip stroage boxes. This one from Amazon comes with 4 dividers:

Here is a huge assortment of sentence strip storage boxes on eBay:

Sentence Strip Storage Boxes

If you need some dry erase markers to use with your dry erase regular or magnetic sentence strips, here is a $$$ saving pack of black:

This is a nice pack of 16 assorted colors at a sweet price. Assorted colors are the BOMB for highlighting phonics, vocabulary words, color association, math symbols, themeatic units, etc:

Good deals on dry erase markers these from eBay: 

Dry Erase Markers

Need a standard pocket chart or find your current chart a bit shabby or unsuitable? Check these out from Amazon:


Red is nice for a Fire, Christmas or Valentine Unit:

More from eBay: 

Standard Pocket Chart

Then we did a Glad Smokey, Sad Smokey Flannelboard game. I printed out the pictures on milk filters. They make excellent flannelboard pieces. You will have to cut the filters to fit your printer. Insert the filters one at a time when printing. You can get some of these bodaciously boss filters here:

 Hamby Dairy Supply Milk Filters

I spread out the felt pictures and had each child in rote choose a picture, then decide if the picture made Smokey glad or sad. Here is our finished flannelboard game:


Next I had each child color a Glad & Sad Smokey:

We cut them out and put them on tongue depressors. If you are in need of tongue depressors, Amazon has some:


 eBay has quite a selection:

Tongue Depressors

When their Smokey's are dry, re-read the sentences. Have the children raise either "Glad" or "Sad" Smokey in the air.  


You can play this game with your babes using our FREEBIE Glad Smokey, Sad Smokey Stick Puppet Patterns LINKY from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store. These come in color and B & W to choose from:

Glad Smokey Sad Smokey at AKGVH Store

Well, hope you were diggin' our Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 3  & FREEBIE! Come visit us again for part 4 featuring our Smokey the Bear gameboard FREEBIE!! See you there!!

Smokey Bear Forest Fire Safety Unit Part 4

C.S. Calkins

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