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Winter Olympics Figure Skating: Vintage Ice Skating Reels & FREEBIES!

            Welcome to our AKGVH Vintage Ice Skating Reels post!

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When the Winter Olympics figure skaters arrive, I like to loosen up my wee ones by incorporating the following vintage ice skating themed reels. They are an excellent venue for introducing the sport!

In our first reel, Tinkerbell’s friend Fairy Nairy shows us how figure skating is done:

Your wee babes will love to sing this song when skating:

Disney takes you on a sleigh ride to the ice skating days of yesterday in Once Upon a Winter Time:

If you are interested in some background info on the Disney classic, you can visit the Once Upon a Winter Time IMBD profile page by clicking on the following link:

Let Disney take you on another Ice Skating adventure from decades gone by in this “On Ice” reel featuring ALL your FAV Disney characters from 1935 yesteryear:

And we do not want to miss this FAV Disney character’s ice skating scene:

Your wee girls will DIG this clip of Belle teaching the Beast how to ice skate:

People of all ages will DIG Disney’s full length feature Beauty and the Beast: A Concert on Ice:

Tom and Jerry get in on the ice skating scene in “Mice Follies”:

Bosco was a fav character during the days of black and white. You can watch his adventures on ice and see what he found whilst ice skating here:

This 1930 black and white reel features animal characters that ice skate, ramble around, all the while just having fun:

When our FAV Sailor takes to the ice with the intent to teach Sweet Pea how to skate. Bluto comes along, submerges Popeye in snow and takes a crack at teaching Sweet Pea himself. A teaching contest ensues with Bluto fumbling Popeye up at every turn, that is until Popeye breaks out with his can of spinach:

The ice tempts Snoopy and he is off and skating to the infamous Charlie Brown score in this short:

Join the Sesame Street cast on the ice in this reel clip:

Peppa joins her friends on the ice but finds she cannot skate as well as they do. Watch how Papa and Moma teach Peppa how to skate:

Calliu goes to a hockey game with his parents and wants to learn how to ice skate. Find out how his parents teach him to skate:

My wee ones tried on their ice skating feet at the Viejas Ice Arena:

Here are some of our AKGVH vintage FAVS for older children:
Our FAV little French girl, Madeline learns that sometimes a fun hobby can become a chore if you forget to just enjoy it in this 22 minute episode:

The classic Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates story is a must viewing for older children:

As well, you can purchase the record from eBay: 

Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates Story Record

Disney’s Greatest Hits on Ice TV Special is DYNO viewing for this age group:

The following Ice Skating videos are a hit with teens:

Here is a great synopsis of Figure Ice Skating History:

Your teen will want to emulate some of these Ice Skating Fashions from the days of yesteryear:

Talk about Ice Skating fashion, The Best of Sonia Henie has it all along with her moves of flowing on ice elegance:

Your teens will enjoy watching ex Ice Follies skater continue her passion at 90 years of age:

Still having her hand on the plow at 83 years of age, this woman finds escape on the ice relaxing:

Even the weest of babes take to the ice:

German figure skaters Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot unexpectedly won the 2018 gold medal in the pairs figure skating competition on Thursday, rebounding from fourth place after the short program with a WOW performance of passion, power and control:

And now for your viewing pleasure, our FAV Halloween on Ice performances that we watch every October. Why it just would not be Halloween without them:

Our AKGVH all time FAV Halloween on Ice performance, Dracula and Mina:

Monster Mash superbly performed by Kurt Browning:

Johnny Weir Puts a Spell on You:

And now for your surprise FREEBIES!!! This DYNO pack of vintage ice skating coloring pages for your wee ones and older children along with a beginning ice skating pose chart:

Your babes will enjoy coloring these vintage ice skating coloring pages:

Next are these lovely Sonia Hennie and Katy Keen paper dolls:
Sonia Henie and Katy Keen Paper Dolls 

And lastly, here 12 vintage Ice Skating themed Valentines for your loved ones:

Vintage Ice Skating Valentines

Well, that does it for our vintage Ice Skating Reels post. We hope you enjoyed skating back in time with us! Be sure to catch our next Figure skating post soon!

See you there!
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