Friday, February 23, 2018

Winter Olympics Hockey Games : Team AKGVH

Welcome to our Winter Olympics Hockey Games : Team AKGVH Post!!

                                                                         Painting by: ‘King’ Richard Brodeur

We hope you have enjoyed our Team AKGVH Winter Olympics posts thus far. If you have missed any of our previous Winter Olympics posts, DIG the quick links: 

If you follow our blog, by now you will have caught on that overall, I like to begin any themeatic unit with videos and books. So, for the viewing pleasure of your wee ones, have them watch Donald Duck’s Nephews create havoc and win the game against Donald in this 1938 cartoon:

Things get pretty rough for Goofy in Hockey Homicide and the crowd goes wild:

The Animalympics DIG the game as well:

Snoopy slashes and smashes in this Hockey short:

Your wee babes will learn the ins and outs of Hockey with our FAV Hockey guy, Peter Puck starring in this Hanna-Barbara cartoon. This cartoon has been split up into 4 parts. You may choose to discuss each part after viewing to further enhance their cognizance:

Part 1: How to Play the Game

Part 2: Hockey Equipment Description: Official and Player

Part 3: Hockey Pucks, Skates and Sticks

Part 4: Hockey Penalties, Signs and Fines

When I was young, there was no Hockey rink for children in San Diego that I was aware of, but then I could be wrong as most girls had minimal interest in sport participation during the time of my youth, and I was one of them. Altho' I did keep score at my brothers baseball games or maybe went with my Dad to Westgate Park for a hotdog. Yet, overall I stayed home and played school, more oft than not by myself, every day with the exception of playing Sunday School on Sunday's after church. I l@@ked up and found a rink in San Diego that offers Hockey lessons as well as ice skating.  If you live in the San Diego area, you may want to check it out: 

San Diego Kroc Center Ice Skating and Hockey

If you live elsewhere, do a computer search in your area to see if your city or nearest city has one.

For our homeschool Winter Olympics Hockey Games, we made our own “ice rink” out of our wood floor. I broke out our trusty Air Hockey Puck and off they went:

This disc is a most excellent boredom buster game for an inside day. The disc features re-chargeable power that lasts for hours of enjoyment! The best way is to have the disc fully charged before introducing. As well, you will want to check it to be sure it is in working order. Kick a test run around a bit while your wee ones are sleeping. Trust me on this: you will not want to miss their faces when they eyeball this bad baby scootin' all by itself after a swift kick across the floor for the first time. If your disc is defective, they will be bummed, so be sure to give the disc a swift kick around the floor before your let them see it! And let me tell you why...the minute you whip the disc out, if you purchase a light up disc, the lights flash sparking their interest immediately. Then, when you put it on the floor and kick it, why your wee ones will bust loose!!! Experiencing their very own kick thrusting that disc across the floor just thrills them to no end! They will be on that disc like a cheap suit! Let me tell you, your wee babes just cannot miss out on this game, and talk about keepin' them out of your hair...SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!  Just click on the following eBay link and purchase one for your class today:

Air Powered Electric Hockey Disc

As a craft, your children 8 years and older may want to make their own homemade Hockey Guard and Goalie pads. Here is a video tutorial they can watch:

We made mini hockey sticks out of tongue depressors or the large craft sticks and yarn. 

They are very easy to make. Just cut @ 1/3 off the end of a craft stick, then glue gun the end at an angle onto another craft stick. Wrap and glue colored yarn around the stick for their “team colors”, grab a large black pom pom, and off they go:


Now for your FREEBIE!!! Our EXCLUSIVE vintage Hockey Activity pack stuffed full of 45 coloring and activity pages: 

For more free Hockey printable activities, visit Jo at Making Learning Fun: 

See you there!

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