Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter Olympics: Team AKGVH Ice Skating Activities and FREEBIE!

Welcome to our Winter Olympics Team AKGVH: Ice Skating Activities post! 

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We engaged in several Ice Skating activities during our Figure Skating Unit and my wee ones had a ball performing them.

We made some ice skaters out of Peppa and George action figures along with another character toy. We submerged their feet in a bowl of water and froze them. Then we poured water on a cookie sheet, added a few drops of blue food coloring and stirred it, and put the sheet in the freezer. 

Now for the fun! We got our sheet and skaters out of the freezer and set the sheet on the table. Turning our skaters upside down under hot water, we loosened our skaters from their bowls and off they went. 

They danced,

 They spun,

Then the ice skaters took a rest and the farm critters took over. It soon became quite apparent my wee babes had more fun creating their Ice Farm Scene than spinning their skaters:

So, what happened to the ice skaters? Well, they wound up in the turtle pool:

And what happened to the ice rink? I put the rink back into the freezer for some later science experiments and observations. We hope you will visit us again to observe what we did.

Our next ice skating activity got my wee ones moving as they slid across the wood floor on their wax paper “ice skates”. I traced their foot prints onto the wax paper and off they went:

If they lost their footing, they placed their foot back onto their foot print:

They skated, twisted and twirled:

Another of our activities entailed an ice skater that I altered placing the face of my wee ones on the skater. I had my wee ones color the skater and while they really were excited to color their skater, it is apparent they got carried away with the scribbling scene.

After coloring (in the case of my wee ones, scribbling) our skaters, I stapled them onto a piece of construction paper and cut them out. Next taking a paper clip, I opened one end of the paper clip up and stretched it out.

Next I took a face photo of my wee ones, sized it to fit the face of the skater, printed it out, then cut it out and glued it to the skaters blank face. After that, we glued the construction paper cut out and all along with the paper clip area, then placed the skater on top pushing and squeezing along the edges and around the paper clip area. We let them dry overnight. 

Taking a magnet disk and using my trusty glue gun, I glued the magnet disk onto the protruding paper clip piece. Now the skaters were ready to skate. Getting my magnet box and a pizza pan, I placed the pizza pan over the edges of 2 chairs. Next my wee babes placed their skaters on top of the pan and moved them around the pan with a magnet placed under the pan. They absolutely got a kick out of skating their l@@k alikes!

Your wee ones, boy or girl can do this very activity by clicking on the link to obtain your skater freebie!

AKGVH Exclusive Vintage Magnetic Ice Skaters

Well, that is just about it for today as Blogger will not let me post much more on this page.  We hope you DIG our Winter Olympic Ice Skating Activities Come and visit us again for our Winter Olympics: Team AKGVH Roundup!

See you there!
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