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Our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews Part 3 & FREEBIE

We hope you have enjoyed reminiscing the days of yesteryear whilst trippin' thru our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews thus far. This is our final post for this 2014/2015 school year. 

Our next vintage classic is The Make-Believe Parade from Wonder Books.

This book is FILLED with detailed illustrations that REALLY take you back to the carefree school days of yesteryear.

We also incorporate this book into our Community Helpers and our Safety Unit as when the children walk to school, each imagining they are different helpers in their community going off to work.

 But when they arrive at school, they put their coats, jackets, hats and boots in the cloak room.

By the time they get to their tables and sit down, they were children once again enjoying the school day fun.

Get this one book covering three units for your classroom this year!
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This next vintage classic is RIGHTEOUSLY FLYIN'!!! The Flying Sandbox is a TRIP!!! Why, I would have imagined our sandbox flying when I was a wee one, which makes this book such a nostalgic adventure for me. Most def gift your babes with the imagination of children from the days of yesteryear by reading them this classic!

All it took was a wish from a "magic" wishbone & off went Chris and Kerry. 

They flew over many familiar places in their hometown. On past the playground, over the mailman, and on over the shoreline they flew:

They soared with the planes over the airport:

Sailed into the apple orchard and got an apple from Mr. Brown:

Safely landed at home where a bird came along and sped off with the magic wishbone. While Chris was disappointed, Kerry was delighted to have a fun ride and an apple to enjoy:

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The Flying Sandbox

While the following book is not vintage, the Old Lady most certainly is and we DIG her!! We have most of her themeatic books in our classroom library, so naturally, The Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books gets HIGH ratings from us along with much interactive activities. 

We did an Old Lady Backpack cut & paste we got from Kiz Club:

When my son Julian was young, we made an Old Lady head from a small sturdy box for a fun game to play while I read the story. Boy, I am so STOKED his Old Lady Game Box survived all those tumultuous years! I had each child roll the dice to see who went first in rote. As I read the story the child whose turn it was gave the old lady the item to be swallowed.

Then we rolled the dice again and played a  Back to School items color matching game on our giant multi-media flannel board. 

 We have the directions to make your own multi-media board for your classroom (scroll down):
Be sure to come back soon as I will be posting an updated Multi-Media Board directions as the one on the above page link wore out after years of much fun!
Storyboard Counting was our next Old Lady game. First we rolled the dice to see who was first:

Then each child in rote placed as many school supplies they wanted on the Storyboard Counting Chart and counted them:

They placed the correct number of the counted items on the Storyboard Chart:

Next they chose a stamp:

Then they stamped the corresponding number of stamps, counted to be sure they stamped the same amount as their Storyboard displayed, and wrote down the correct number. 

The last Old Lady Back to School supplies game we will cover on this here post is patterning with the Pocket Chart. Each child made their own school supply patterns:

We did so much more Old Lady Swallowed a book activities that you can find here. Adapt them to your classroom today for some exciting Back to School fun!!

3 Dinosaurs has some wonderful activities in  their Back to School FREE printable packs:
More FAV Old Lady Activity Fun Links of ours: 

Dig this There Was an Old Lady Swallowed Some Books Pintrest Page:

Generic Old Lady Who Swallowed Pinterest Page has varied Old Lady Books ideas for your class:
There Was an Old Lady on Pinterest 

Get your copy today on Amazon:


or on eBay: 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books 

Well, that wraps up our FAV vintage classic Back to School reviews for the year 2014/2015. We hope you enjoyed these books and the activities we did with some of them. 

Here is the FREEBIE you have been waiting for. A wonderful antique 57 page teaching manual from 1879 titled "On Class Teaching". Filled with anecdotes from the days of yesteryear. 

Download a FREE copy for you from our Teacher's Notebook Store today!

On Class Teaching at A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool teachers Notebook Store

Before we go, here is an old Max Fleischer Back to School cartoon titled "The Educated Fish". In this cartoon classic a little fish does not want to attend school. The teacher catches him and brings him to class. Instead of learning with the rest of the little fish, a wayward boy plays some pranks. Typically as most little boys will when being a rascal, he goes too far and is punished. So, he takes off. Because he did NOT learn the lesson of the day, he is lured by a worm and gets caught on a hook. Try as he may, he cannot get loose. He gets pulled into the boat, but the slippery little thing that he is, he manages to escape and flees right back to school. He recites the lesson for the teacher.  Filled with fun, laughter songs and morals. ENJOY!!!

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 See you next time on A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool Blog!!
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