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Our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews Part 2

Whew!!! Had to take a blog breather...building a foundation on this here blog so we can just putt along come September is a bit brutal but DETERMINED to carry on, so let's ROCK our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews with part 2!

Our next FAV vintage classic is Clifford Runs to Story Time! Clifford is another one of our FAV pups! 

This EASY reading format allows for much picture discussion.  What will Clifford out run next to get to storytime as fast as he can?

Back in the 60's when Clifford the Big Red Dog book first came out, I read it over & over!!! In those days, Scholastic had a book buying program in our schools. The company sent a type of newsprint brochure to be passed out in class, one for each child. The child would take it home, look through the paper, then choose the books they wanted. Parents would cut off the order blank with the selected books indicated and send it along with the money or a check to school with their child by the order due date. The teacher would collect the money and appoint a child to take the orders to the office. We would ANXIOUSLY await the day for our new books to arrive. We ALL felt quite special to be able to place our personal orders and receive our books. I do NOT know if the program still exists today as I searched the Scholastic site and could not find anything. I do remember having the program in my A Kinders Garten PreSchool in the '80's as I believed the program would instill a love for reading in young children for years to come. Since we were such a small school, it was quite generous of them to include us in the program.

I am glad I chose to get Clifford the Big Red dog when I was a child. Clifford has been a part of my classroom curriculum ever since and it is a JOY to read it to my grandbabes. They LOVE Clifford too. You can instill the love of reading in your child with this rendition of Clifford Runs to Story Time! On Amazon:

In this classic vintage Little Golden Book Jerry takes us through his school day.

And just like when I went to school, mother walked Jerry during those first few weeks to be sure he knew the way. 

Things were so different then. The school of suburbia was new, clean and WELL equipped. Why I even remember those types of chairs. The children were dressed nice and neat, hair combed, faces and hands washed ALL ready for their day at school. The teacher dressed neat and proper to set an example for her young students.

And a teacher just was NOT a teacher if she could NOT play the piano.

In our lunchroom you had to raise your hand before you were excused from the table. The lunch duty teacher would check to be sure you ate ALL your food before excusing you whether it was a school lunch or brought from home.  

Our kindergarten had their own fenced in area with age appropriate equipment to keep them safe.

Everyone LOVES the sand box. It was a special treat to paint pictures on the easel.

The end of the school day was an exciting time telling mother ALL about the friends made and fun had.

If you want the days of yesteryear in your classroom, this is a book you will surely want in your Back to School book inventory.



Jerry at School

This vintage classic is our good ol' friend Morris the Moose. My babes follow every move he makes in Morris at School with MUCH fascination and laughter. 

Morris the moose is quite a fellow, but he realizes he cannot read or count. So he decides to go to school. Morris is thrilled after a day of A, B, C's, 1, 2, 3's, hoof-painting, and make-believe. Now he can finally count gumdrops! My babes get a "KICK" out of Morris at school, yours will too!

You can get Morris at School just in time for Back to School on Amazon:

or on eBay: 

Morris Goes to School

Miss. Polly's Animal School is an exciting vintage classic Back to School book. 

Where are all the animals going? Are they going here, or there? No, they are going to Miss. Polly's Animal School. Join the school day surprises with Miss. Polly and ALL her animal students.

Your class can find out ALL about the animals school day with Miss. Polly too on Amazon:

or from eBay: 
Miss Polly's Animal School

Our last Back to School book for Part 2 is accompanied by a 45 RPM record. The Wonderful School was written in 1969 and published as A Little Golden Book. We think our school is also a "wonderful school" and this story record gets my babes excited to begin the learning adventures of their new school year.


Your babes can also experience the rhyming fun adventures of Miss. Tillie O'Toole' s Wonderful School from Amazon:


Or choose from a HUGE selection on eBay: 

The Wonderful School

Well, that is the end of Our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews Part 2 . We have one more part we are currently writing featuring MORE DYNO Back to School Vintage Classics. You will NOT want to miss out on Part 3 (our last BTS Book posting for the 2014 year) of our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews! In the meantime, be sure to get some of these vintage classics for your classroom! 

If you missed the first part of our vintage Classic Book Reviews, check it out here!!

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L@@king forward to seeing you at Part 3:

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  1. I read Clifford to my three kids, and I read Golden Books as a child. I remember the Scholastic program too! I LOVED ordering books and having them delivered to school! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm Hope to see you there again tomorrow morning! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

    1. STOKED you came to visit and comment on our post!!! Vintage Charm linky party is the BEST place for us to take others back with us into the pages of yesteryear to reminisce our childhood! See you there!!!