Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews Part 1

Every September we read these timeless Back to School Books in our class…even Gramma likes to read them to our babes.
It Was a Short Summer Charlie Brown is a must in our class. Gramma is getting the hang of the story record format…NO reading Gramma, just TURN the page when the bell dings or some other equally psychedelic sound:

Trip on this…you can get the episode for your class via Amazon Instant Video:


OR you can get the entire Peanuts 1960's Collection which includes the It Was a Short Summer Charlie Brown episode on DVD:

eBay has a DYNO array of vintage It Was a Short Summer Charlie Brown collectables INCLUDING the EXACT book and record set gramma is showing. Click on the following link to check it out:
It Was a Short Summer Charlie Brown 

My babes DIG going Back to School with that adorable mischievous rascal of a pup, Benji! Gramma is more than happy to oblige with our Benji Goes to School book and record set...l@@ks like Gramma is getting the hang of it now...: 

Your babes can go Back to School with Benji using the same vintage  book and record set on eBay. Just click on the following link:

Benji Goes to School

Can't  find it on eBay? Well, give Amazon a try:

Another FAV adorable mischievous rascal of a pup is Spot. When Spot goes back to school, there are LOTS of HIDDEN fun under the "lift the flaps"!

My babes LOVE to lift those flaps! 

O.K. so HOW do I choose who can lift the flap with NO fussing? ROLL the DICE of course!!!

So get you a copy for this new school year and LIFT THE FLAPS!!!

Another fun way is to WATCH Spot Go to School on VHS. You can find a copy for your babes from eBay:

Spot Goes Back to School

Don't have a VCR? You can watch Spot Go to School right here:

We also LOVE Wags! Wags is Ben's puppy. Wherever Ben goes, Wags goes too. What a FAITHFUL pup!!! But when it is time for Ben to go to school, guess WHO follows right behind? That's right, WAGS!!! 

Follow Wags and Ben at school with this delightful book from Reading Railroad:

Wags is on eBay too!

The Puppy Who Went to School

My First Week of School by Derrick Gantt & Joanette Parker

This book takes your children through the First Week of School in a typical Pre-K - Kindergarten classroom. We like to compare the classroom in the book's first week of school to our new first week. Which ways is it different? Which ways are the same? Do we have any first week of school traditions that we carry on from year to year to make our Back to School experience familiar and fun? If so, what are those traditions?

The sentences are short with the detail featured in the bright and colorful illustrations done by Katy Blander.

You can get this book to read on the first week of school for your class and compare notes: 

First Week At Cow School by Andy Cutbil is a somewhat similar Pre-K - K book, yet this story is about Marjorie the cow feeling jolly proud when her daughter, Daisy, starts school. But lessons for Daisy are not as easy as they seem... she cannot hoof paint or swat flies like the other cows. As for cowpat training,  what a disaster! Yet, Marjorie soon discovers that Daisy has a surprising talent to make her stand out from the herd! Best suited for Ages: 3 - 5

While we do not have this in our library, it sounds like a HOOT so we are thinking of adding it to our Back to School book collection.First Week At Cow School by Andy Cutbil


Here are more options on eBay:

First Week at Cow School by Andy Cutbill

The Three Friends Go to School from Scholastic features short reading sentences your child can read all by themselves.

You can purchase the book from Amazon to read to your class or maybe for your children to read at the reading center: 


Our homeschool Back to School Unit is not complete without the Berenstain Bears. We love to start off our school year reading all about the Berenstain Bears Go to School adventure:

 Follow the bears at school on your first day back:


Another FAV Berenstain Bear's Back to School book of ours Is Catch the Bus.

Follow the bears hour by hour throughout their morning. Will they make the school bus on time?

You can read all about their Catch the Bus adventures to your class:

Catch the bus with the Berenstain Bears on eBay: 

The Berenstain Bears Catch the Bus

Here is real vintage Country Bear Vintage Schoolhouse to make:

Get this Country Bear Vintage Schoolhouse along with several other Berenstain Bear Make and Dos here:


Wow, you can also watch the Berenstain Bears Go to School on You Tube...SWEET!!! 

Let's Find Out About School is a bodaciously BOSS vintage book from the "Let's Find Out" Series.

 With lovely vintage picture drawings this book takes first and second grade children through the school day.

The boys and girls hang up their jackets, sweaters and coats in the cloak room.

Then they salute the flag and say The Pledge of Allegiance.  

Next they learn to read and write.

They eat milk and cookies and even have a "nap" or "rest" time.

For our nap time, I play Walt Disney Presents Songs for Bedtime. As you can see from the song list, Disney did NOT miss any CLASSIC VINTAGE bedtime songs. These songs will lull your babes right to sleep!!!

You REALLY need to get this LP for your babes...these songs will lull them sound asleep before you know it!

From Amazon:

from eBay:

Walt Disney Presents Songs for Bedtime

After a short rest, they play some musical rhythm instruments.

Do NOT forget to get some musical instruments for your babes! We are doing a music unit this year and will have many activities and printables, so be sure to get on our mailing list!

EBay also has a lovely selection of musical instrument sets for young children: 

Musical Instrument Sets

Learn about magnets, the four seasons and the weather.

Then it's off on a field trip to visit some Community Helpers...

and go to the library! What a FUN filled day!!

Currently, I was unable to find this book for you on either Amazon or eBay BUT here is the "Let's Find Out" eBay link . Give it a check as it may show up:

Let's Find Out About Book Series

And here is your FREE Back to School Vintage Coloring Page from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store:

Well, it looks like this page is filled up as the program will not allow any more content without messing it all up. So be sure to come back for our Back to School Classic Vintage Book Reviews part 2 as you will NOT want to miss the opportunity to see MORE classic vintage Back to School books from A Kinder's Garten Vintage Homeschool Blog. See you there!!

C.S. Calkins
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  1. I remember loving Spot as a child! My kids now love Where's Spot, but I'd forgotten about the others. Great vintage list!

    1. Very STOKED you dropped by! Many thanks for commenting! So very pleased you dig our vintage book reviews. I have been reading these same books to my babes (now grandbabes) for decades and it looks like I will be doing so one more round with my 2 youngest grandbabes. So we hope you come back and visit us once again real soon for MORE vintage fun & FREEBIES!

  2. Nice post and very informative :-)

    Have a booktastic week and thanks for linking up :-)

    1. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting, Steve!!! We have 2 more retro book posts following this one & hope you can take a gander at them as well. Sure are STOKED to be a part of the link up!

  3. We are going back to school this Thursday and we are excited! We love the Spots books!

    1. So very STOKED you stopped by & commented! If you do not already have the exciting Where is Spot? book, we are glad to help! Here is the PDF link in color: and here is the B & W PDF: My babes LOVED making their very own Spot lift the flap books and so will yours! We would DIG on hearing your babes response!

  4. I forgot about the Spot books! I'm going to look for them at the library for my early reader - thanks for the reminder! (Love those classics!)

    1. STOKED you dropped by Emma! One does not hear much about Spot anymore so if your local library does not have Spot, here is a link you can use to print out and make your own Spot book: in color: and here is the B & W PDF:

  5. Hi there,

    Stopping by from The Sunday Blog hop. Thank you so much for linking up this post.

    I love so many of these books from my childhood. And even then, some of them were books I found forgotten at a thrift store. So neat to see families and children still embracing them and the lessons they bring. I hope to do that as well when we start a family.

    Thanks again for linking up. Hope to see you share again next Sunday :)

    1. Not sure why it says anonymous. But I'm Jenn @BecauseImCheap ha!

    2. WHOAH, Jenn!!! STOKED you dropped by!!! I am trippin' you remember so many of our vintage Back to School Classics!!! When you have your babes, be sure to visit us again! I do not know why the program listed you as Anonymous either as I am a bit pre-historic concerning this computer gig as you prob have already noticed. I homeschooled my babes & now my grandbabes & I just wanted to share our vintage homeschool fun. The majority of my items had to be re-formatted to be "web friendly" which takes MEGA time but I am learning along the way. DIG YOU, Jenn!!!

  6. Loved this walk down memory lane of many of the books I used to read to my kids. It's nice to know that kids still read these.

    1. Many thanks for stopping by to walk down memory lane with us, Janet!!! STOKED you enjoyed our Back to School vintage classics!!! Hope to walk down memory lane with you once again soon!!!

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