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Weather Cats with Hats Activities & FREEBIES Part 1!

                    Weather Cats with Hats Activities & FREEBIES Part 1!

January is a good time to cover weather and seasons. I like to begin this lesson with the following vintage cartoons:

Walt Disney's The Old Mill begins with a brilliant sunny day, then quickly turns to stormy weather. Will the Old Mill and all the critters that live there survive the storm? Watch and see:


Watch these birds in Hawaii react to weather changes in this 1936 vintage Max Fleischer Cartoon:


Happy Harmonies 1936 To Spring Cartoon is a days gone by look at the closing of winter and the beginning of Spring. Spring has finally come but Old Man Winter is not so willing to leave without one last bluster:


Weather Report Animation is a series of weather shorts possibly shown daily on a local station in days gone by:

Here is The Great Cat Family for older children from The Wonderful World of Disney Part 1:

Part 2:

  Let us to intro our FAV Cat who wears a hat:



Be sure to get our EXCLUSIVE vintage Top Cat coloring page FREEBIE: 


Top Cat Coloring Page


And we most certainly cannot omit the most famous Cat in the Hat:


Then we watch a few of our weather & seasons film strips.

I introduced this section of our unit with this set from Eyegate. I showed them The Ingredients of Weather film:

Next we watched The Sun and Weather along with Rain and Snow from SVE. This set also has a Teaching Guide to accompany:

A Walk in the Rain from Family Filmstrips is a good one as well. The film strips in this set are accompanied with records and Teaching Guides:

Then we l@@ked through some books. The first book Wild Weather, a beginning reader,  displays large vibrant pictures along with bold font. I chose this book first to wrap up the film strip presentations and as an opening to our literature  section:

You may want to add this to your curriculum by purchasing from ebay:

Wild Weather Beginning Reader


When Julian was older, we would read this vintage 1969 Weather Q & A book from Scholastic:

We added the 1996 printing to our curriculum collection: 

 Check it out for your older babes from ebay:

Questions and Answers About Weather Scholastic

After reading Wild Weather, I passed out our vintage Scott Foresman Science books, Look and Learn:

We began with taking a look at the different weather days. These detailed true to life pictures are absolutely exquisite arousing elaborate discussions. 

Then following the Teacher's Guide accompanying this book, I described a type of day and had my babes point to the correct day:

 If you DIG this book as much as we do, you can get the text book along with the Teachers Edition to go with it from eBay:

Look and Learn Scott Foresman 

Next we watched Observing Changes in Weather from National Geographic using the accompanying Teaching Guide:

I followed the film strip with Weather All Around Us another Scott Foreman book. These pictures covered how weather changes:

DIG our EXCLUSIVE antique 1938 Weather Book for older children:

You will want this for your older children. As a special bonus, you can get it FREE at the link below: 


1938 Weather Book for Older Children

The 1938 Weather Book in pdf form was compiled by myself, C.S. Calkins Owner/Operator of A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool.  

This book is intended for educational use ONLY under the "Fair Use" protection act. This pack is my (C.S. Calkins) compilation of a portion of resources we use with our (A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool) Weather Cats in Hats Unit.  To AVOID legal troubles when using these items, dig the QUICK link below: 

After sitting for a bit, to shake it out we played our vintage Exercising with the Weather Record and had a BLAST:

Now that we learned how weather changes, and did a bit of exercising to help us focus on our next activity, I introduced my Cats in Hats pocket chart rhyme:

After reciting the rhyme several times and matching the correct picture to the words, I broke out my standing flannelboard and we built the rhyme using numerals and pictures. We played it several ways:  


Next we did cat patterning: 

and hat patterning:

And when we finished with our pocket chart and flannelboard activities, I placed the pieces in their labeled folders for storing:

And here is another FREEBIE! Our exclusive vintage weekly weather graph for younger children: 

Vintage Weekly Weather Graph Worksheet

We hope you enjoyed our Weather Cat's with Hats Part 1 post. 

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See you there! 

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  1. I had never thought of looking up vintage cartoons like you shared from youtube! What a great idea!

  2. actually Linda, there are cartoons I watched as a child and have recorded for my babes over the decades....being an educator they are all filed into specific units...the bright detailed animation in vintage cartoons from the 40's & 50's attract the eye as they display features, storylines & innocence one does not see very STOKED you DIG 'em! Many thanks for visiting & commenting!!!