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Weather Cats with Hats Activities & FREEBIES Part 2!

Welcome to Part 2 of our Vintage Weather Cats with Hats Activity Blog Post! 

If you missed Part 1 of this here post, DIG the quick link: 

Weather Cats in Hats Activities & FREEBIES! Part 1

We like to add arts and crafts to our lessons and for this lesson, I must say with alot of hard work and diligence, we made some outstanding interactive weather craftivities. We hope you think so as well and consider doing some with your wee ones.

One craft we made was a 3D Weather Book with a title of:

Rainbow, Rainbow, What Do You See? 


White Tagboard

Tempera Paints

Paint Brushes

Glue Bucket

@ 2" Paintbrush

Blue, Shimmer and Gold Glitter

Cotton Balls

Gold Pipe Cleaners

Blue and White Construction Paper

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Foam Snowflakes

Printed Sentences


Beginning with the first page, I had my babes paint a rainbow:


When our rainbows were dry, we glued painted our sentence and put it on our rainbow page:  

Next I had them paint a sunny day with flowers, trees, etc:

Then we painted our suns: 

While they were still wet, using recycled shakers I had pre-filled with gold glitter from my gold one lb. container, I had my babes shake the glitter on their suns to make them appear "fiery": 

Next we worked on our raindrop, snowflake and cloud pages. First I had my babes fingerpaint five pages of stormy backgrounds using the tempera paints:

Using pre-cut raindrops I laid them out on newspaper:

Then using a 2" paint brush, I held a raindrop with my finger while my babe painted the glue on them:

We moved the raindrops onto a used  disposable tinfoil serving tray that I keep for projects just like this one...comes in handy! Using the recycled shakers I had pre-filled with blue glitter from my blue one lb. container, I had my babes shake away:

We did the same steps with foam snowflakes only using shimmer glitter:

When the glitter dried, we glued the raindrops, snowflakes and sentences on their stormy pages:

Then we glued the cotton and sentences on the another stormy page we had painted:

On our last stormy page, I bent the pipe cleaners into a lightning bolt shape & glued them on the page for my babes. Then I had them they glue on their sentences:

For the hail page, we used one of our stormy pages and had my babes glue white packing popcorns on it, then their sentence:

This project took several days and when all the pages had been assembled and dried, I stapled them together to make a book which read:

Rainbow, Rainbow... 
What do you see? (placed on the rainbow page)

I see raindrops falling on me. (placed on the back of the rainbow page)

Raindrops, raindrops... 
What do you see? (placed on the raindrop page)

I see clouds all around me. (placed on the back of the raindrop page)

Clouds, clouds...
What do you see? (placed on the cloud page)

I see lightening zapping me. (placed on the back of the cloud page)

Lightening, lightening...
What do you see? (placed on the lightening page)

I see hail falling with me. (placed on the back of the lightning page)

Hail, hail...
What do you see? (placed on the hail page)

I see snowflakes falling, see with me! (placed on the back of the cloud page)

Snowflakes, snowflakes...
What do you see? (placed on the snowflake page)

I see flowers l@@ king at me. (placed on the back of the snowflake page)

Flowers, flowers...
What do you see? (placed on the flower page)

I see the sun shining down on me. (placed on the sun page)

The End. (placed on the sun page)

If you would like to make these Weather Books with your babes, let's go shopping on eBay:

Tempera Paints

Then we made these out-a-sight Weather Hats:



Paper Plate
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple Pipe Cleaners
Blue Hued, Silver and White Ribbon Lengths
Yellow Tempera Paint
Glue Bottle
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Gold Glitter
Cloud Pattern


Paint the paper plate yellow, let dry. Cut points out of the center.  Using the glue bottle, trace all the points, then sprinkle with the gold glitter, let dry. Fold the tab over on the cloud cut outs, glue cotton onto the cloud pieces, let dry. Glue the clouds two on each side, let dry. Bend one of each pipe cleaner color to form a rainbow and cut the ends to fit between two clouds on one side and glue gun them onto the back of the clouds.  Repeat on the other side. Next, glue the ribbon lengths all around the outside rim of the paper plate, let dry.  Last, glue more cotton on the top of the hat to cover any exposed areas, let dry. Now your hat is done!

Trip on our Cat shaped veggie snack tray my babes munched on while doing their craftivities:

Here is another FREEBIE in our Weather Cats in Hats Series! Our vintage Weatherman Hat Cut Out: 

Vintage Weatherman Hat Fold Up

Also if you would like to get this entire unit including pocket chart and flannelboard items, songs, crafts, activity pages and more all in one FAB download, DIG our 92 page bundle from our AKGVH pathway2vintage Dojo Store:

Vintage Weather Cats Activity Bundle


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We hope you enjoyed our Vintage Weather Cats in Hats blog post!  We had MEGA fun with this unit and l@@k forward to seeing you next time on our AKGVH blog!

C.S. Calkins

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