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Mittens for Three Little Kittens & FREEBIE! Part 1

                     Mittens for Three Little Kittens & FREEBIE! - Part 1


Welcome to my 1st post for the new year! January is "Cat Month" for us when throughout the years, we study all things "cat" both large & small, famous & not so famous. And starting with the famous classic Nursery Rhyme, "The Three Little Kittens", come with us tip-toeing through our vintage garden of ed and have a l@@k-see at our Three Little Kitten activities for wee ones!

The Three Orphan Kittens from 1935 is a Disney Silly Symphony which were some of Disney's earliest works. It begins with the 3 babes being cast out into the snow from a moving automobile. They seek shelter in the nearest home and create all kinds of havoc!  The little girl in the house finds them and the ending is just so adorable, it is a FAV of my babes. Yours will dig it as well:


This Van Buren classic is " Scotty Finds a Home" from 1935. The kitten in this cartoon wants a dog. He finds a cute little Scotty dog while outside playing and brings him home but gramma cat was NOT thrilled. So out Scotty went. Of course there is a villain in this story and Scotty through various mishaps, saves the day earning him a new home. Watch:


This next cartoon is in 2 parts. The first part is a portion of the Kiss Me Cat Looney Tunes classic cartoon featuring Marc Anthony and his kitten. While there are several clips I tried to find a full version but due to copyright I was only able to find the beginning of the cartoon in Spanish and the ending in English. My babes think it is worth the watch even if it is in 2 parts with some of the middle missing, yours too, will fall in love with this pair:

Next we play our FAV Three Little Kittens record sung & narrated by our FAV cat, Jack Arthur: 

Listen to this rendition for yourself on this very vintage 78 RPM and you will see why:

You will find this version narrated by Jack Arthur on eBay which has several copies among other renditions: 

The Three Little Kittens 45 RPM Record

 (AKGVH  (A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool) is a participant in the eBay Partner Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to eBay.)

And while the record is playing, I hold up the pictures from one of our various books and turn the pages in rote to the narration. I like to use different versions on different days so we can compare different illustrators:

Next we did some pocket chart story sequencing with my EXCLUSIVE hand drawn Three Little Kittens set from my Vintage Three Little Kittens Activity Pack. You will find the link to our pack at the end of Part 2:  

Next, we did some flannelboard activities. Using the Flannel Board or Multimedia Board as a learning aid not only brings the curriculum to life, but also allows the child to interact with the curriculum unit giving the child personal satisfaction through visual or hands on involvement while stimulating role play, along with developing the following:

Ability to Recall and Narrate in Proper Story Sequence.
Listening and Speaking vocabularys
Desire for Creative Expression.
The Habit of Critical Thinking involved in Making Comparisons, Understanding Relationships, and Predicting Outcomes

You can make your own Flannel Board or Multimedia Board by clicking on the following link:

 Timely Tips from Yesterday & Today

First we matched the happy and sad kittens with their correct mittens: 

Then we  classified clean and soiled mittens in a graph:

As I have stated in the past on this here blog, I use Dairy Filters from Hamby  for paper in my copier to use on the flannelboard. While they need to be cut to fit, they are an EXCELLENT media for flannelboard use: 

You can get these for your classroom flannelboard needs:

The Three Little Kitten figures are also available in black & white. I copy them on regular paper and passed them out two a day for my babes to color.  I filed away their finished pictures in their folders. When all the pictures were colored, I cut them out & had my babes glue the backs onto a pre-cut piece of construction paper to add sturdiness. When dry, we added a popsicle stick to the back to make hand puppets.  You can also print them out on tagboard to skip the glue part and just glue a stick onto the back. I use the construction paper as each child has a color used for identification. 

Using paper bags and my kitten pattern from my Vintage Three Little Kittens Activity Pack. I traced & cut out the kitten patterns on a piece of construction paper. My babes glued the pieces onto a paper bag in the appropriate places. The bags were used to store their Three Little Kitten Puppets in:

You can get the above two sets in both color & black & white for your babes in my vintage Three Little Kittens Activity Pack from our Teacher's Dojo Store. L@@k for the link at the bottom of our Mittens for Three Little Kittens Part 2 post.

Next each babe made their own Three Little Kittens mini book using the FREE Three Little Kittens Lapbook printablels from Homeschool Share. Instead of lapbook form, I cut 8 4.5" X 4/5" squares of each babes color from  construction paper and had my babes glue the pages in rote one onto each square using our paint brush glue & let dry. When dry, my babes cut out the corresponding pictures for each page. The cover page is from my Vintage Three Little Kittens Activity Pack:

I pre-cut the pages and they cut out the correct picture for each page and glued it on. When they were dry, I played our Three Little Kittens record while my babes looked at their books as the record played, turning to the appropriate page as narrated: 

They TRIPPED the SCENE HEAVY!! Here is the link for your babes:

Also in our Three Little Kittens Activity Pack is an adorable vintage  Three Little Kittens Coloring Activity Book. I printed out & stapled together books between construction paper covers, one for each babe. I played a couple of my various crit LP records while they colored in their books.

Laying a couple of my vintage critter song records on my babes simmers down allowing for cultivation of their coloring artistic flairs to flow in a most tranquil scene:


We played a Color Mitten Matching Game using the pocket chart:

We did mitten size sequencing from Homeschool Creations The Mitten Printables on our flannelboard:

And now I am going to wrap up this here Part 1 of our Mittens for Three Little Kittens post with your Vintage Three Little Kittens Coloring Page FREEBIE: 

Vintage Three Little Kittens Coloring Page 

Hope you were diggin' our vintage scene thus far and you can be sure you will NOT want to miss out on Part 2 featuring MORE games, songs, and craft activity FUN with another FREEBIE! We will be l@@king for you there! 

Mittens for Three Kittens Part 2

For MORE Mitten fun, be sure to cruise our The Mitten - A Ukrainian Folktale post in two parts:

See you there!

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