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The Mitten - A Ukrainian Folktale Interactives and FREEBIES! Part 2

Welcome to AKGVH The Mitten - A Ukrainian Folktale post part 2!
If you missed part 1 of this unit, here is a quick link: 



Welcome to our AKGVH The Mitten Crafts and Activities post! 

We made some real out-a-sight The Mitten Interactive Puppets. I purchased some different colored stretchable mittens from the $$$ Store. Taking two 16 oz. cups, I cut a slit in the bottom of each cup wide enough for a popsicle stick. Then, I cut one of the cups down to about 2" high. Next I put a popsicle stick inside the short cup and secured it with duck tape so it could not move.  Then I inserted the short cup through the slit in the tall cup like so:

I gave each child their own color of mitten and a cup. I then instructed them to slide the cup inside their mitten:

Next I gave them pre-made pom pom The Mitten critters. Boy did their mother (my babe - sigh) fuss while making them! Burnt her fingers several times while making these and well you can know I just shined her on cuz my wee babes GOT their crits! Even so, she did an EXCELLENT job as l@@k how CUTE they turned out:

As I read The Mitten, I instructed my babes to find and hold up the critter that was going into the mitten, then put him inside their mitten cups:


Then I when all the animals were in the mittens, I read until the bear sneezed. And when he did, I told my babes to turn their cups over and PUSH on the popsicle stick:

then swoosh, OUT popped their critters. I tried to get a flick but the critters just came blasting out so fast all I got was a blur or just down right missed the moment on camera - sigh...anyway, when they pushed on the bottom of the mitten the pressure pushed the smaller cup out of the larger cup via the popsicle stick and OUT popped their critters! And after that, well for sure they just played with this interactive mitten critter popper until lunch!

After lunch, we did some worksheets. Our first worksheet is from Royal Baloo's Mitten Tot Pack. I gave my babes their Bingo daubers and instructed them to dot all the M's they could find. They did a gold star job!

If you would like Royal Baloo's FREE The Mitten Tot pack for your babes, click the link below as she also has pre-k & k - 1 packs:

Another Mitten activity we did was ordinals. I introduced ordinals using my pocket chart, then I removed the crits and left the ordinal numbers. My babes has NO prob filling the chart in:

The worksheet we did to go with our Mitten Ordinals Pocket Chart activity was from The Wise Owl Factory:

Altho' you have to be a member to get the FREEBIE, not to sweat as memberships are FREE: 

For MORE AKGVH Mitten fun, be sure to visit our Mitten's for Three Little Kittens blog posts in two parts packed FULL of Mitten activities, crafts and MORE FREEBIES!


As I have made note earlier in this post, The Mitten is very popular with the younger set. Educators have posted lesson plans, activities and worksheets offering them all over the web. Here is a list of our FAV The Mitten sites:







Lesson Plans 

Lesson Plans Page The Mitten by Jan Brett Alphabet Sounds and Animal Names Activity Fun


Two The Mitten Printable Packs from Homeschool Creations:

The Mitten Printable Pack based on the Book by Jan Brett 

And now for your 2nd AKGVH The Mitten FREEBIE! Our vintage Find the Matching Mitten printable worksheet for grades 1 - 3:

Between this post and the Mittens for Three Little Kittens post, that just about taps out our mitten activities for now. 

BUT WAIT!!! Baby it's COLD outside so let's do some MITTEN SHOPPING!

Altho' this is a VHS, the stories are told in sign language for the hard of hearing or the deaf. DIG The Mitten by Jan Brett VHS collectible: 

The Mitten VHS Spoken Arts

For your computer center, grab these adorable Mitten Mouse Pads:

Mitten Mouse Pad

Your babes will have lots of Playdoh Mitten fun with Mitten Cookie Cutters or you may want to incorporate a taste of breakfast into your Mitten unit by making some mitten shaped pancakes or eggs with these cookie cutters:

Mitten Cookie Cutter 

If you are hard pressed for time or just want to purchase a pre-made The Mitten story flannelboard set, eBay has some nice ones:                               

Well, hope you had fun getting your mitten shopping on and were able to add to your classroom fun to boot!

Again, if you missed part 1 of this here post, DIG the quick link:

AKGVH The-Mitten A Ukrainian Folktale Part 1 

We l@@k forward to delighting you once again with our vintage ed thematic activity fun via the days of yesteryear! See you then!Join us at our FAV linky parties:

C.S. Calkins

P.S. If you know of any more out-a-sight links featuring mittens, lay them on us cuz we can dig it!

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  1. What an awesome learning unit! I love The Mittens characters! So cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Kelly! STOKED you came to visit us once again! My daughter was happy to hear you were diggin' on the critters she made! LOVE to visit your blog and see what you all are up to from time to time!