Saturday, October 4, 2014

Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 4 & FREEBIE

We hope you have enjoyed our Back to School Pinocchio Theatre thus far. This is our final post for the 2014/2014 school year. 

On this post we will show you how we made our movable Pinocchio Puppets.

To make Movable Pinocchio Puppets you will need:

2"-3" Diameter Styrofoam Balls One for each child
Children's Art Smock
Washable Tempera Paint
Tempera Paint Brushes 
Empty TP Roll One for each child
Small Craft Feathers or Feather Pattern
Colored Construction Paper
Number 2 Unsharpened Pencils One for each child
White School GlueWatered Down (see recipe here):
Watered Down Glue Recipe
Paper Cutting Scissors
Small Wiggle Eyes Two for each child
Pinocchio Puppet Patterns

Spread & tape the newspaper over the table. Get your paints, paint brushes & smocks. First we looked at a colorized drawing of Pinocchio real good. Then each child decided what color of clothing they wanted their Pinocchio to have, one color for the shirt & 1 color for the pants. They made a half way mark on the TP Roll and painted one color to the line then painted the other color below the line & let dry.

Choose or make a flesh color to paint the styrofoam ball. If the child's skin color is white, have them add brown to white a little bit at a time until they reach the desired shade. If their skin color is dark, have them add white to brown again,a little bit at a time until they reach the desired shade. Place painted ball on top of TP where Pinocchio's shirt is. Let dry. 

Have the children color the hat, feather, arms and legs. You may also use construction paper for the hat instead of coloring it. If you do, cut 2 for each child. Also, a real feather is nice if you have access to any. Now glue the hat pieces together to make it sturdy. If the hat piece is colored, cut out another piece of paper and glue it to the back of the colored hat. Let the hat dry. 

Next, when the head is dry, using the glue gun, glue on the eyes & mouth. When the hat is dry, glue on the feather.  

Then take an unused pencil and gently push it through the ball where the nose should be. This is the moveable part. 

When the TP roll is dry, using the glue gun, glue the styrofoam ball head onto the TP roll. Next glue on the arms and legs.

Now your children are ready to tell the story of Pinocchio. When Pinocchio lies, have the children make his nose grow big. 

They were diggin' their Pinocchio movable puppets!

Then of course, they had to go wake gramma up & show her their Pinocchio's!!

L@@ks like gramma is enjoying the surprise!

 They loved making Pinocchio's nose grow!

They also loved showing off their Pinocchio's!!

Now for your Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Movable Puppet Pattern FREEBIE:

Movable Pinocchio Pattern Freebie at our Teacher's Notebook Store

Here are more Pinocchio puppets you may be interested in making with your class:

Pinocchio Marionette Puppet 

Pinocchio Paper Puppet

And now, sing and dance The Pinocchio Song with us:

Here are some different video versions of Pinocchio for comparative studies:

Fairy Tale Theater with Shelly Duval features live action:

The New Adventures of Pinocchio:

Pinocchio 2015:

A Musical version:

Pinocchio gets interviewed by Kermit the Frog:

Why Pinocchio even goes into Outer Space:

Here are some videos of Pinocchio from around the world:

From Russia:

Romana Version:

Italian versions, one utilizing real people, the other animated:

in French:


Apparently, Germany had a Pinocchio Cartoon is one episode:

Boy, hope I got the language versions correct as I am NO language expert!

Well, this is the end of our Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Unit. If you missed our other Pinocchio posts, you can view them here. Each post covers different Pinocchio Unit ideas & activities. ALL have FREEBIES to accompany the lessons. So do NOT miss out on all our Pinocchio fun and get your Pinocchio FREEBIES today: 

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We hope you enjoyed each post and implement some of our activities in your Pinocchio Unit! If you do, or have any more to add to our unit, we would love to read about it!

Come and visit us again for MORE vuntage fun from the days of yesteryear!

C.S. Calkins

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  1. The puppets are adorable - love the moving noses! Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday.

    1. Linda...I have been following your blog via email newsletters for quite awhile and are honored you stopped by...many thanks for your visit to our AKGVH blog!!! STOKED you dig our Pinocchio Movable Puppets! As you can see, while it took a few steps, overall the puppet is easy to construct. Hope you choose to make these with your Primary Inspiration babes or maybe make one to use as an interactive Pinocchio storytelling media as this puppet is a HOOT! Don't you just DIG Maniac Monday???!!! Bookmarked your "October is More Than Halloween" Freebie Linky Party...hoping to publish our next post soon & "LINKY" much FUN!!!

  2. I love this! How creative! Thank you for sharing!


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