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Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 1 & FREEBIE

Last year we went Back to School with Pinocchio. This is an excellent story to review this time of year as Pinocchio reminds boys and girls alike the importance of a proper education along with what can happen when one chooses to “follow” the crowd. 

I introduced Pinocchio using Disney’s famous rendition of Pinocchio in a movie format. If you do not happen to have the Disney Pinocchio Movie in your collection, you can get one here:

On Amazon:

Or on eBay: 

Disney's Pinocchio DVD

Every new day, I introduced various renditions in book with record or in just record form. This method introduces the concept of different version comparison studies for younger children.

This rendition from Peter Pan records is one of our favs:

You can get this rendition for your class:

There are several to choose from various sellers on eBay:

Pinocchio Book and Record 

We love our Pinocchio book and record narrated by Larry Harmon:

Larry Harmon’s greatest role was playing Bozo the Clown. If you are/were a Bozo fan, you may want to get this book and record featuring narration by Larry Harmon:

On Amazon: 

Or on eBay:

Larry Harmon Reads Pinocchio Book and Record

We watched Pinocchio on our Show-N-Tell film strip record player. The record comes with a film strip that you play on the Show-N-Tell television. 

If you have a Show-N-Tell television viewer, you can get a Pinocchio Show-N-Tell for your little ones here:

On Amazon: 

This vintage Show-N-tell story is hard to find so you may have better luck on eBay: 

Pinocchio Show-N-Tell

We also watched a film strip with an accompanying record. It came from this set of Children's Folk Tales: 

Here are a few frames from our Pinocchio Film Strip for you to check out:

 As you can see, this film strip is yet another rendition (please forgive our camera flash...taking pictures of a film strip is hard to get without a flash):

You can try to get a Pinocchio film strip and record or cassette for your class (but they are a bit rare) here:

Vintage Pinocchio Film Strip

We also have a Super 8 projector and watch this short clip from the vintage Disney Pinocchio movie:

 If you have a Super 8, we just happened to currently be listing this on our eBay auctions and you may want to add this to your collection:

Disney's Monstro Super 8 Film Movie

Here are all of the Disney Pinocchio Songs on a 33 1/3 RPM LP...check out our Jiminy Cricket figurine:

You can get the songs for your class on Amazon:

Once again, eBay has quite a selection to choose from: 

Disney's Pinocchio Songs from the Movie LP

If you want a 45 with just the "When You Wish Upon A Star" song, this is one from Cricket of our favs:

Currently we were unable to find one on Amazon but eBay has one here:

When You Wish Upon a Star Cricket Label Record

Cricket records also has the story on a 45 RPM:

Again, NO find on Amazon but eBay more oft than not comes through. Sometimes one has to scroll down a bit to find the actual item:

Pinocchio Story on Cricket 45 RPM Records 

Our Disney's Pinocchio Story Book and Records narrated by Cliff Edwards  on RCA are dated 1949 on 45 RPM:

As you can see even the noises made are written down if you have no record:

The book included record sleeves to protect each record (there are 2):

Cliff Edwards was the "voice" of Jiminy Cricket. You can find out more about Cliff here: 

Cliff Edwards

While once again we could not find this rendition of Amazon, eBay comes through!!

Pinocchio Book and Record Narrated by Cliff Edwards

Here is a rendition from Treasure Tales for those of you who do NOT have a record player but has a CD player and would like to add this to their Pinocchio collection...we like ours: 

An EASY find on Amazon: 

and on eBay:

Pinocchio Book and CD

Paul Winchell, Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff are one my FAV from the days of yesteryear. Their Pinocchio rendition is a full-fledged "radio play" with different actors playing the various roles accompanied by great sound effects and fantastic original songs. Paul Winchell along with his sidekicks makes Pinocchio a very funny , truly gripping tale masterfully done, excellent for TV-free "quiet time" or long car rides. We do NOT have this rendition as $61.00 is a bit STEEP for us...wish we did!!! But you can add this CD to your Pinocchio collection here:

Here is a fun interactive Pinocchio song and you can sing along with your class:

Pinocchio Interactive Song at Super Simple Learning

While reading our Little Golden Book Disney’s Pinocchio, we did a bit of interactive work by matching up our Disney Pinocchio flannel board pictures with pictures from the book:

We first ROLLED the DICE to see who would go first. 

As I read each page, the chosen child chose the picture that matched the one on the page of the book and put it on the flannel board:

If you would like to add this vintage Little Golden Book Pinocchio classic to your library you can find it on Amazon here:

or on eBay here:

Vintage Pinocchio Little Golden Book

We have some Disney Story Puppets featuring Pinocchio up for auction currently from our eBay store. 

You should check it out as it also contains MORE story puppets from Disney's classic fairy Tales:

1977 Disney Story Time Puppets Play Set

I also read them this poem by Linda A. Copp:

Gone Pinocchio my wooden head, And a cool clear day of blue ahead. The crystal sea, the ocean sky, All wrapped about me, about me why? Slender slits and shafts of glow, Sun drape the ground and make it so. Pinocchio, Pinocchio, Where have you gone. Where did you go? I need to know, I need to know. That wooden part that made your head Has turned my heart to wood instead. And splintered up its one time whole, Like so many fragments of char and coal. And the cool, the clear, the blue today, Even the traces of this fine Spring Day- Can't turn the hurt, the wood inside, Back to the thing that laughed and cried. Pinocchio, Oh! Wooden Head, A liar's nose, a donkey's head. A step of stringy, airy space. A Poets loss, A blind man's face. Come back, come back, I love you still. And the blue that's round the window sill, Has filled my life, my everything. And left me Queen without a King. The Jester's Pawn, the Knights sit still, The Courts in gloom in dark and chill. The suns outside and the blue is too. But, what will I do, what will I do my Pinocchio, without you?

This is an easy fun Pinocchio script for acting out a play even young ones can participate in:

Pinocchio Theater Play

You can use these FREEBIE vintage Pinocchio & Geppetto Masks offered from Gillette Razors when performing your play. While we do not have the entire set, these 2 masks will start you off.

Just print out on tagbord, cut around the figure and where the eyes are. Then measure around the child's head a 1/4" elastic, cut & staple to mask. 

We also have some small but effective FREEBIE Pinocchio puppets. Click on the picture, then click "save as":


You can get these vintage Pinocchio Masks from Gillette FREEBIE along with the Pinocchio Puppets from our Teacher's Notebook Store here:

A Kinders Garten's C.S. Calkins Teacher's Notebook Store

Now for the pièce de résistance our EXCLUSIVE VERY vintage (possibly even ANTIQUE) Pinocchio theatre complete with backdrops & props. First we got a 4" deep box with a fold-over lid and made a stage. We painted it and cut 1/2" lines in it to put in the props. We had fun arraging & re-arranging the scenery & props.

You can purchase our  EXCLUSIVE vintage Pinocchio Theatre complete with backdrops & props to copy for your babes for use during your Pinocchio Theatre time from our Teacher's Notebook store: 

Antique Vintage Pinocchio Theatre 

Well, that wraps up our Part 1 of Back to School Pinocchio Theatre! Be sure to visit our Part 2 for MORE activities & FREEBIES:

Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 2

See you there!!!

C.S. Calkins

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