Friday, October 3, 2014

Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 3 & FREEBIE

Welcome to the third portion of our Vintage Back to School Pinocchio Theatre! In this here post we will cover the Pinocchio games we played.  You can get a FREEBIE vintage Pinocchio theme game for your children near the end of this post.

We did 2 different Pinocchio games, one modern, 1 vintage and boy did we have a BLAST!!! They did NOT think they would have so much FUN!!! I did not think they would have so much fun!

First we played Pinocchio Memory Match. 

Well of course we have to roll the dice to see who goes first (see Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 1 ). Next, I briefly went over the rules for playing: 

NO cheating! If you turned over the corner of a card, that is the card you picked. Peeking is cheating.

Remember the location of cards being turned over.

NO pouting or you are OUT!!

I laid out all the cards face down in an open space on the carpet. Rayven won the toss and went first:

but, she did not get a match. Next was Zander...would he get a match? 

Nope! Now Damien...he is the oldest...was he paying attention to the location of the previous players draws? 

Nope! Levi's turn...

Nope!  At this point I figured out it had been such a long time since we had played a memory match game, they had forgotten how to play. By the looks on their faces, I knew they were all thinking, "Hummmmmmmmm...this is harder than I thought." So I gave them a hint, "When one continues to pick up the same cards of previous players time and again, it should make one wonder just who is under ALL those other cards.", as overall, they kept on turning over just about the same cards. "LIGHT" goes ON!! Well, l@@ks like that sparked some brain cells. So now they sparked their sense of adventure, got a bit more brave and began to turn over different cards. 

 Hmmmmmmm, but WHICH one?

This one...

and this one..."I got a MATCH!!!" "Ohhhhhhhhhh, she has a MATCH!!!"

Now we're cookin'! And the game goes on only this time:


Damien's up next...

l@@k at those SMILES:

If you would like to get Pinocchio themed card games for your class, I found a good link on eBay: 

Pinocchio Card Games

Here are some Trading Cards I thought interesting from Amazon: 


This vintage Pinocchio game has a FREEBIE printable you can download from our A Kinder's Garten Vintage Homeschool Teacher's Notebook Store

First they colored their Pinocchio gameboards: 

Then they glued them onto a construction paper backing:

and let them dry overnight. 

I cut them out, added a spinner and fini!

Now you can either follow the directions on how to make a spinner from the Pinocchio Game itself or you can purchase some spinners here:

or select from eBay:

Game Spinners

Now you can have this vintage Pinocchio game for your babes for FREE from our Teacher's Notebook Store!!!

  Vintage Pinocchio Spinner Game

Hope you were diggin' these Pinocchio games and plan to implement them in your Pinocchio class unit this year!

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See you next time on our final Back to School  Pinocchio Theatre Part 4 featuring a movable Pinocchio craft!

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See you there!
C.S. Calkins

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