Pyute American Indian Actor

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOKED you cruised by! I cannot begin this post without intro my hubby Pyute. He is a Ute Mountain Ute American Indian. 
Originally from Pueblo, Colorado and born on the Tomacco Reservation (since seized by the Feds during the 1950's American Indian Urbanization Movement), he learned wilderness survival skills quickly.

Well, I must say I think he is awful purdy!!! Dig this Ute Mountain Ute cat:

Pyute has been featured in many different venues over the past ten+ years. You can find out more about him here:

The following are some links and info to some movies and videos he was featured in:

Yellow Rock - He played the medicine man “Healing Deer”. You can visit the website from this link:

Dig these Red Carpet flicks from the Red Nation Yellow Rock Premier:

We are with our son, Julian.

Yellow Rock has won many film festival awards. While the content is NOT historically accurate (DUH, HOLLYWOOD!!!) it is still a GOOD Family FRIENDLY Western. You can purchase a copy from Amazon here:

Yellow Rock also made Red Nations Film Festival's Retrospective: Best of Fest the First 10 Years shown at the very vintage Laemmle Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills re-premiered on November 10, 2014:

Featured with Dann Rogers along with Dann’s Son Daniel “Judge D” Rogers this MEGA ALL AMERICAN Music Video considered “The People’s Anthem” is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GET IT ON DOWN!!! 

You can view the music video on this utube  link:

You will DIG adding Dann's Nuthin' But the Truth to your MP3:

Here are some links to find out more about the genius of Dann  Rogers:

Leave us NOT forget some links to some of Dann’s gigs:  

 Here is Dann’s latest book:

If you are looking for vintage Dann Rogers sheet music, well dig this:

Want to SPIN his vintage platters: 

Another film my hubby was featured in is from the Tales of the Frontier Series from Law Dog Productions titled "Justice. Pyute played the Apache Chief Gray can trip on this trailer here:

Justice - Tales of the Frontier from Law Dogs Productions

Law Dog is a Family FRIENDLY production Company bringing you Family values and classic westerns with wholesome content and programming for the entire family.

Building on more than 20 years of dedicated experience, Law Dog Productions, is devoted to providing the highest quality production entertainment for film, television and internet broadcast.

Check out their website and support them in bringing back the "Classic Western":

Premiered Sunday, November 11, 2012 @ 1 P.M. EXCLUSIVELY to the Red Nation Film Festival in the U.S. (Champo Theatre in Paris this past summer) yet once again for another movie Pyute starred in "Interstate" directed by French Film Maker Jules-César Bréchet.

Red Nation Film Festival 2012 

Laemmle Music Hall Theatre
9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211

You can watch the trailer here:

Interstate 16 Minute Trailer

Pyute was also featured in the following Country music video "Sunshine & Whiskey" with Frankie Ballard:

Frankie Ballard rose quickly as a Country Singer. If you DIG country, you will DIG adding Frankie's CD to your collection:

Another music video with the famous singer,  Caparezza was shot right here in San Diego County...a TRIP! This Italian cat must be very popular as this particular video received over 1 mill hits:

OK, so this is somewhat in Spanish, but if you DIG the song,

Dig these flicks that were taken on the set:

This video I would rate "R" as Action Bronson is rather about TRIPPIN'!!! The title "Easy Rider" did not appear to be so "easy" to me. Well over 5 million hits:

 This recording is too radical for me but if you are inclined, the 1st one is the original recording, the 2nd one was cleaned up (whatever that means):


Indian Call done with Chi'Codez is rather harsh as well but again, lots of hits:

In early April of 2016, we went to the San Diego Film Awards. While the award ceremony is in its 3rd year, this is the first year we attended. They did an interview with Pyute as well. The awards ceremony will be aired In April on PBS & KUSI:

Pyute was featured in the movie The Revenant which recently came out on DVD. You can get a copy to add to your DVD collection here:

In addition, Pyute attends many different public venues. Every year, he along with our son lead the Descanso Parade. Here is a sort of timeline in pictures:

Drummer Boy Julian paying tribute to the King! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

                              my HANDSOME son, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

We are currently working on our American Indian Studies Unit. You can check our progress from the beginning (Part 1) and get yourself some FREEBIE vintage printables to accompany here:

American Indian Stories, Poems & FREEBIES!

To learn more about Pyute's Ute Mountain Ute tribe, click on the following link:

Here are some famous Ute Chiefs and Peoples:  

Ute Chief Colorow Info

Ute Chief Colorow on Grand Country History Website

Chief Buckskin Charley

 Chief Douglas - 

Chief Jack House - A brilliant 1960's Ute elder named Chief Jack House proposed the establishment of Ute Mountain Tribal Park.

 You may want to read more about the Ute tribe:

Well, this is it for now but if he gets any more gigs I am able to post, I will be sure to remember to lay them on ya!

If you missed any of our other American Indian posts featuring lots more activities, and FREEBIES along with our EXCLUSIVE vintage American Indian Printable Packs, DIG the quick links: 

See you there!   

C.S. Calkins


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