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American Indian Unit Part 3b - American Indian Hunting & Gathering Food

American Indian Unit Part 3b - American Indian Family & Village Life - Hunting and Gathering Food

Welcome to our American Indian Unit Part 3b!  We hope you enjoyed our  American Indian Unit thus far as, WHEW!!! Posting on this here blog along with compiling the accompanying packets has PROVEN itself to be a HUGE endeavor! And that is not even counting all the classroom work we did and flicks we took to bring you a glimpse into our homeschool world. A STAND UP TALL SALUTE to ALL you ed bloggers for all the hard work you do in both your classrooms & on the web!!

And while I am blogging away, I am entertaining myself with my FAV vintage Thanksgiving TV Shows Mix from CC Cartoons...can you DIG IT???!!!

If you missed Parts 1, 2 & 3a of our American Indian Unit check them out. You can tip-toe on through our American Indian Garden of Learning BLAST to the PAST via these QUICK links:

I am STOKED to announce this post received TOP billing on the American Daily (Sunday November 22, 2015 edition), trip huh! Check it out: 

In this part of our unit, we learned about how the Indians hunt and gather food. 

We began with how they obtained their food. We learned some tribes gathered their food such as in the Southwest or Woodlands. Others, due to agreeable climate & terrain were able to grow their own foods. They all in one way or another hunted for food as well. 

Giving each child the copied cut out page from the Finding Food Diorama found in our 2005 Northeastern Indians book from Scholastic...


...they colored their dioramas & we talked about the different ways the Northeastern Indian tribes gathered & hunted food. I asked them where did they think Indians found food on land & in the water. Much interesting and some amusing speculations resulted. These particular Indians that my babes colored were Menominee "The Rice People" Indians who lived near Lake Michigan. I showed them exactly where they lived on our US map:

and on our Tribal Map:

Showing them the exact location of this tribe on these maps really brought them a keen interest in the tribe. As they worked carefully on their pages we discussed what the women and men were doing and their uses for each item along with the color my babes thought each item would be. We learned they use their canoes to gather grains in the day and the men hunted for fish at night in their canoes. When these were finished, they turned out DYNO & my babes had sooooooooooooo much fun setting up their dioramas over and over, moving the pieces around again & again...SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

I introduced my Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies by W. Ben Hunt. A most BODASCIOUSLY BOSS book featuring bright & colorful detailed lifelike drawings! Check it out & you will see some of the MANY reasons I choose curriculum supplementation's from the days of yesteryear:

 We looked at the way Indians made bowls for their food. These drawings inspired much curiosity and chattering:

Next we looked at different canoe paddle designs and how the shape of the paddle along with the angle when used determines the speed: 

We also took a gander at the different Arrow Heads used for hunting. They DUG these:

We also looked at how Tipi's are made:

I cannot begin to impress upon you what an asset this book has been in my classroom over the years. A most def TREASURE to behold! And believe it or not, it is not hard to find, nor is it pricey:

Check out more selections from eBay: 

The Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies by W. Ben Hunt

Next I passed out some vintage coloring papers of Indians with different types of food and canoe prep. We discussed each sheet as they color co-ordinated the scenes. Here are some samples:

You can get the above and more in our Vintage American Indian Hunting & Gathering Food Activity Pack from our Teacher's Notebook Store. 57 pages stuffed with all manner of food & hunting oriented coloring & activity pages, recipes, paper toys, a canoe race game & MORE! Most excellent materials for the flannelboard, pocket chart, anchor charts, notebooking, bulletin boards and so much more from the days of yesteryear:

Vintage American Indian Hunting & Gathering Food Activity Pack

DIG this PDF link from a 2001 Boy's Life magazine on how arrows were made. We were trippin':

Arrow Making from Boy's Life PDF 

We also made some of our fav American Indian recipes from our vintage Indian Cooking Books:

Since my hubby is an American Indian, we use these books often & GUESS WHAT??!!! You can too as I found them on Amazon & eBay! SWEEEET! Check them out:


Or find it on eBay:

American Indian & Herb Lore

 You can find these on the same link from eBay:

Indian Cookin  

Every year I set up my vintage American Indian Village for interactive play.  For over 20 years my children and grandbabes have enjoyed many hours of much fun playing with this set. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition in our home

Here is the FREEBIE you are looking for. A genuine vintage American Indian family at meal time coloring page from our Vintage American Indian Hunting & Gathering Activity Pack:

Here is the quick link, ENJOY!

 Vintage American Indian Meal Coloring Page FREEBIE!

Well, that is another section of our American Unit down, more to come so be sure to come back soon for MORE of our American Indian Unit studies.

Next week we will be covering American Indian Communication:

See you there!  

C.S. Calkins

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  1. Thank you for sharing this at Manic Monday. I love to use vintage books for ideas, too, and have found some real treasures when our library sells its discarded books.
    One man's trash truly is another man's treasure!

    1. Many thanks for stopping by, Linda! Our library also has book sales. I was sad when the librarian gave me the last of the Beverly Cleary books.Glad to get them but sad they are no longer being offered to our children for their reading pleasure. I will say tho' most of my books were either mine or I got them from various vintage book sites as the selection and availability is uncomparable to any other that I have found these days. Homeschoolers such as myself tend to provide their own curriculum and many re-sell them as they go on eBay or Etsy. Overall, I keep mine unless the item is a book or media I can copy, then I re-sell. Many thanks for your comments as it is always to speak with those of similar interests.

  2. Now I'm inspired to go through some used book stores. Thank you for the great ideas.
    Artistry of Education

    1. Many thanks for revealing your inspiration from our blog, Mary! I am stoked you were able to glean my curriculum from the days of yesteryear! In your used book store meanderings, lay a blog post on us about the vintage item(s) and how your are implementing it/them into your classroom as I would dig it very much!

  3. This looks like a fun unit for sure. We may have to look into some of these books. Thanks for linking at Pintastic Pinteresting Party.

  4. Many thanks for visiting our blog from the Pinterest Party, Jill!! I have loads of fun meeting new teacher's and viewing their items via the parties...sure does help pinpoint items of interest for me! Hope to see you on more parties!!