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Get on our Vintage Back to School Bus Part 2: Activities

Hey, you made it to part 2 of our “Get on the Vintage Back to School Bus”!!! STOKED!!! 

We hope you enjoyed part 1 and if you missed it, DIG the quick link: 

We have done several School Bus activities over the years and my wee babes thoroughly enjoyed every one of them and so will yours! Here are our dyno activity ideas, be sure to make them yours this school year:
First, we started out with some School Bus size sequencing on the flannelboard of which we did in several different ways.

I set out all of our buses on their table:

Each child in rote chose the correct bus size and placed it according to size from left to right. First we went from big to little:

Next we went from little to big:

You can get our School Bus Sequencing Set FREEBIE at the bottom of this here post!

Then we matched school bus sizes in sequence using the free printables from Best Toys 4 Toddlers:

 Best Toys 4 Toddlers School Bus Matching Freebie (Scroll down @ 1/3 of the way)

Milk Filter Flannelboard Pictures

We purchase milk filters from Amazon to make our flannel board figures. They come in several sizes but we purchase the 15 inch disks:

 All you have to do is cut the filter to fit your printer:

and place it in the paper rack to print. Here is a direct link to the actual product and size you need:


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To extent the activity, I had my wee babes glue buses on paper by size as well:

Another School Bus activity consisted of the Mary Had a Little Lamb sheet counting sheet in pack 2 from Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs.

My babes covered each lamb with a mini school bus eraser I purchased from the Dollar Tree. My babes covered each lamb in the box with their school buses, then counted them. Next they stamped the correct number in the box:

For those of you that want to do this particular activity or revise it to fit your needs, here is the link to Cassie’s packs

For our next activity, I cut out 10 school buses for each child and all the children to match each bus. I had my wee babes get their glue sticks and number stampers. On a long sheet of paper, I guided my wee babes to glue their 10 school buses along the top. Next I had them stamp the numbers from 1 to 10 in rote on each bus. Then, giving them the pre-cut children, then looked at the number of any bus and proceeded to glue the correct number of children under each bus:

You can purchase our school bus counting activity from our Teacher's Notebook store: 

AKGVH Get on the School Bus Counting Kids Activity

For our last School Bus activity thus far we made our names using Tot Schooling’s FREE printable. My wee babes LOVED making their very own school buses with their name on it, your will as well:

Get your FREE School Bus Name printable here: 

Want to do more School Bus activities with your children? Here are some of our FAVS:

Pre-k – K:
Lots of school bus ideas and activities from Kids Soup: 

First School has several school bus printables: 

Seattle Post Intelligencer has some fun pre-k school bus activities: 

Here are some DYNO school bus activities for pre-kers from Google: 

Lesson plans from the Paiute tribe for pre-ker’s:

More pre-k lesson plans from I Love to Know pdf: 

Your wee ones will DIG this School Bus Discovery Bottle: 

For elementary school children:

Get these School Bus templates for elementary children language arts work: 

School Bus activities from Dade Schools: 

If your child walks to school, here is a site with some excellent tips and ideas:

Classroom School Bus Safety Games and Activities:

Illinois School Bus Safety Teacher’s Guide and printables PDF: 

School Bus Safety lesson plans from Sonoma:

How Do We Travel to School from the US Census Bureau pdf:

School Bus Safety from Love to Know:

A guide from the Minnesota Lit Asso: 

The Energy Bus Teacher’s Guide: 

National School Bus Safety Week from Austin schools: 

Here are our FAV Magic School Bus activities:

Magic School Bus lesson plans from Scholastic: 

Lesson Plans for The Magic School Bus DVD’s:

The Magic School Bus Science in 180 Days has a FREE download printable packed full of lesson plans that are done in conjunction with the book series: 

Here are some FREE Magic School Bus Science activities your children can do:

Your child can receive a kit every month in the mail when they join The Magic School Bus Science Club! 

For Middle and High Schoolers:

Wiki How shows older children different activities they can do while riding the bus to school:

The California Academy of Sciences bus design challenge: 

More School Bus Activities for ALL Ages:

If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Georgia or Texas you can have the “Fun Bus” visit your school: 

American School Bus Council’s Love the Bus Campaign Info:

Do NOT forget to celebrate National School Bus Safety week this coming October 22-26, 2018:

National Association for Pupil Transportation School Bus Safety Week

If your child walks to school, here is a site with some excellent tips and ideas:

And now time for your FREEBIE:

Oh, my goodness that wraps up our Get on the Vintage School Bus Part 2! We hope you enjoyed our activities and plan to incorporate some of them with your wee ones this year! Visit us again for part 3 featuring School Bus crafts, games and recipes!  See you there!

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