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Oh, Say We Can Seed, You Can Too! Activities & FREEBIES Part 2!

Stoked you came to visit our Part 2 AKGVH Oh, Say We Can Seed, You Can Too Activities and FREEBIES!

In this next section of our Seed Unit, we did some seed investigations. 
The pinto bean is the best bean to work with as it is a nice size, the skin (outer coating) pulls off rather easily and the growing process is very quick featuring strong visible roots, shoots and leaves. You can actually view the seeds splitting open, shedding the skin and shooting out its roots, leaves and stem which fascinates even the wee-est ones. First, I had my babes really take a good look at their beans. We discussed the color, shape, design and size:

Next, I told my babes to peel the skin off their bean. We did not soak the beans before we operated on our beans and as you can see, my babes had no prob:

Then I instructed them to open the seed up along the seam and find the baby plant inside....they were DIGGIN' the scene:

My wee ones are growing beans in a jar and a wet paper towel at the bottom:

Day 1:

Then every day they sprayed them...and then.....a SPROUT!!!:

Day 4:

Day 6:

Day 10: 

Day 13:

Next, I drew an outside scene featuring soil and water on a quart sized zipper bag and wrote each child's name written on the white space on the bag. Then my babes put in their beans and added a bit of water:

I added a bit of potting soil and taped the bags with the zipper open to the window so my babes can watch them grow....somewhat like a mini terrarium:

Our last seed experiment was bird seeds on our initials. We have used grass seeds in the past but wanted to try bird seeds this time around as we have no grass seeds currently. If these seeds do not sprout, we will get grass seeds and try it again. But for now, they were delighted:

Then when their initials were covered with seeds, they sprayed them down:

I sprinkled some potting soil over the seeds then sprayed the soil to dampen them:

One week later little sprouts begin to pop up:

Next we made bean pods. First I cut along the length of a TP tube, then I had my babes paint the inside:

I laid them out to dry on a flat surface and after the inside dried, they painted the outside:

Once again I laid them out to dry but before they were completely dry, I rolled them lengthwise into a bean pod and clothes pinned them shut for @ 20 minutes:

Then I let them dry thoroughly. I got a handful of beans and gave some to each of my babes. Using a glue gun, I glued a dot on the inside middle, then had my babe to carefully place one bean on the glue so as not to burn babe fingers:

Needless to say, they were enthralled with their bean pods:

In our last section of this unit we talked about how seeds grow using anchor charts:

We made How a Seed Grows charts. You can get this craftivity printable for your classroom or homeschool from our EXCLUSIVE Vintage Seed Activity pack at our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store. Scroll down for the link:

Using their picture story notebooks, I had my babes copy sentences about seeds and draw their own pictures:

You can get these BODACIOUS picture story notebooks for your babes from Amazon:

(AKGVH  (A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.)

or choose from eBay: 

Picture Story Chart Tablet

Here are some of our FAV seed link across the web featuring lesson plans, activities and freebies:

Get a FREE 5 page printable Seed Mini Pack from Mama's Learning Corner.

Buggy & Buddy has a Plant Observation Journal Page printable: 

Third Graders can learn about seeds with We Are Teachers. Get their FREE printable as well.

The Golden Gleam has 2 Seed Matching Printables.

You can get this  What's Inside a Bean from Homeschool Giveways.

Get this Make a Seed Book printable from Prekinders.

These Seed Worksheets from Printable Worksheets are great for Primary grades.

Your babes can write a Seed Story with this printable from TLS Books.

Spell out loud has a Seed Journal Book you can print out.

Lots of fun seed activities from Not Just Cute

DIG Leslie's Seed Sensory Garden activity she made for her Sweat Pea over at Jack of All Trades.

Here is an array of various designed seed packet FREE printables:

Below are our FAV Seed Bible Stories lesson plans, games, charts etc:

Lots of seed Bible Story them printables from Bible Story Printables.

Mustard Seed Lessons from Sunday School Sources.

The Parable of the Sower lesson from Sunday School Sources.

Mustard Seed Parable coloring page from Super Coloring.

Mustard Seed lesson plans, songs, worksheets, games, etc from  Sermons 4 Kids.

Parable of the Sower lesson plans, songs, worksheets, games, etc from Sermons 4 Kids.

A FREE Mustard Seed file folder game from Catholic Blogger 1.

Seeds of Faith lesson plans and printables PDF from John Hopkins Education.

Try this Mustard Seed Lego Challenge from Proverbial Homemaker.

Mustard Seed Faith coloring page from Coloring Panda.

Mustard Seed Craft from Crafting the Word of God.

Mustard Seed Lesson Plans from Mission Bible Class.


And now for your second AKGVH EXCELUSIVE VINTAGE Seed FREEBIE! This DYNO "S is for Sower" Coloring page combines trivia with Scripture:

If you want to DIG MORE of our EXCLUSIVE vintage seed printables, DIG our 83 page Vintage Seed Activity Pack featuring teaching pictures, stories, poems, rhymes, anchor charts, crafts, coloring pages and worksheets for Pre-K - Grade 12!

If you missed Part 1 of our Oh, Say We Can Seed, You Can Too! post, DIG the quick link:

Oh, Say We Can Seed, You Can Too! Part 1

Come tip toe through our vintage garden soon for MORE FREEBIES & FUN from the days of yesteryear...DIG you soon!

 C.S. Calkins

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    2. Thanks again for linking up with us this week!

  2. What fun!!! I love how even your little ones got in on the action! I actually used pinto beans to make a garden sensory bin this week... might grab a few of them and plant them too! Thanks for taking the time to share such an amazing unit :)

    1. I am so STOKED you came to visit us, Leslie!!! I went over to your blog and GUESS WHAT???!!! I found your Seed Sensory Garden post and added it to my list above!!! WOW, what an ASSET to my list!!! I followed your Google Friends Circle as well!!! Hope to visit again soon!!!

  3. How fun! We love playing with and planting seeds.

    1. AH!!! DIG your blog, joined your circle!!! Just do NOT know how you do ALL that writing along with everything else!!! My goodness!!! I just LOVE your adorable boys!!! They look like they have so much homeschooling fun, cooking, arts & crafts, exercise, and MORE!!! Why I am just DIGGIN' your scene!!! So very STOKED you came by to visit!!! Hope to visit once again real soon!!!

  4. This is awesome! You came up with so many fun activities! I wish I was this creative and motivated...Thanks for linking up at the Family Joy Linky Party!

    1. Oh, my goodness....I do NOT know if I am all that as it has taken me decades to collect ideas and after awhile, it just comes to you....but now I wonder how I did it all in days gone by....the older I get it seems like time goes by so much faster & I cannot seem to get the things done during the day like I used to or maybe it just appears that way....I do not know but I do wonder how other mothers homeschool, take care of their babes & blog just about everyday as it takes me a week or 2 of intense writing & assembling photos and get my vintage printables web friendly just to write one very glad you stopped by and commented...I hope you come to visit again very soon!!

  5. Such wonderful lessons! We are studying about seeds this month,too. My babes are now in first and 3rd grade, so we're learning all about the wonderful world of photosynthesis!

    1. well, many thanks for stopping by Christa & telling me about your babes and your current curriculum!!! So exciting to hear what others are doing!!! Hope you come to visit us again soon!!!

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