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We Iditarod, Do You? Part 2

Keep in mind the flick above was NOT taken by me nor do I know who the photographer was. If anyone out there does, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. I got it off the web. I watermarked it with my logo as it is my copy that I use in my classroom.

If you missed Part 1 of our 2015 Iditarod post packed with activities, fun & FREEBIES, DIG the quick link: 

We Iditarod, Do You? Part 1

Iditarod Updates:

March 10, 2015 3:27 pm - Martin Buser first into Tanana: 

Martin Buser 1st in Tanana

Brent Sass did NOT expect this: Disqualified From Iditarod for Using an iPod Touch:

March 11 - Aliy Zirkle is first out of Tanana: 

Aliy Zirkle 1st Out of Tanana 

March 11- Mitch Seavey the first into the Ruby Checkpoint: 


This may be the successful Iditarod Musher Lance Mackey's last Iditarod race:

March 12 -
Aaron Burmeister 1st into Huslia wins the GCI Dorothy G. Page Halfway Award:

Nome Native 1st to Reach Huslia   

Blind Dog Helping Musher Kelly Maixner:

March 13 -Jeff King, into Huslia:

March 14 - Dallas Seavey following Jessie Royer on the Yukon River: 

Yukon River

March 15 - Burmeister first to the Coast:

1st to the Coast 

March 15 - Aliy Zirkle Second into UNALAKLEET:

Woman Musher 2nd into Unalakleet 

March 15 - Jessie & Mitch at Tripod Cabin:

Jessie in a Great Mood, Mitch Moving On 

March 17 - Dallas Seavey left White Mountain in 1st: 

Down to the Wire

March 18 - Dallas Seavey poses with his lead dogs Reef, left, and Hero in Nome, Alaska on Wednesday, March 18, 2015:

Current Race Standings:

March 18, 2015 Nome Day:

Nome Banquet: 

Next we made a Husky Dog, Husky Dog, What Do You See?  books:

The original theme of this book was written by Lynn Witte and was adapted by me (C.S. Calkins). Since  I could not find her book anywhere on the web, I had the idea to adapt the theme using the senses and emotions from a sled dogs point of view. My babes did the book some years ago and it is such a fun informative theme for Pre-K all the way to grade 6 that I wanted to expand on it. 

I am offering our mini book as a FREEBIE in our Teacher's Notebook Store. Our  AKGVH Husky Dog, Husky Dog....What Do You See? book bundle contains 4 different books.

The first book is large for teachers to read aloud to the class. It may also be used for picture drawing reference.

The second book is a mini book for younger children. Cut each page in half and assemble the book by stapling the left sides together. This will give you 2 mini books per printed page.

The third book contains large open drawing spaces for lower elementary children to draw their own pictures using the pictures in the teacher's book as guides.

The last book is a mini book older elementary children to draw, again using the pictures in the teacher's book as guides. Cut each page in half and staple the left sides together. This will give you 2 mini books per printed page.

You will most DEF want to have this "scentsational" FREEBIE as a supplement to your Iditarod unit: 

AKGVH Husky Dog, Husky Dog...What Do You See Book Bundle

After we read our books, we did an interactive pocket chart version. First we went over the text in pocket chart form.

I took the pictures away and put the pictures on the table. Then my babes rolled the dice to see who went first.

As I read the sentence, the child whose turn it was put the correct picture next to the sentence to complete the sentence.

We also discussed the different Iditarod photos. We talked about what they may be feeling, where they were & what they may be doing.

You can do this activity with your babes using our AKGVH Husky Dog, Husky Dog Pocket Chart Set printable FREEBIE from our Teacher's Notebook Store: 

AKGVH Husky Dog Pocket Chart Set FREEBIE!

DIG this Iditarod book list from Embark on the  Journey....SWEEEEEEEEEET!!

Leave us NOT forget our trusty flannelboard!! We did 1:1 correspondence:




and subtraction: 

If you would like to do some sled dog Arithmetic with your young babes, DIG our Iditarod Flannelboard Set FREEBIE from our Teacher's Notebook Store:

Inspired by The freckled Homeschooler Northern Lights Lesson, we talked about the Northern Lights while racing in the Iditerod at night. And using the link Chrystal provided, Explaining Aurora Borealis to Young Babes, we answered the following questions: 

What  colors do you think you would see & why? 

Why are there so many different colors? 

How does the magnetic field work? 

How does the wind move particles?

We answered these questions by doing science experiments. First I let my babes play with some different type of magnets to give them an idea of how the magnetic field works:

Next, we talked about how wind moves particles and did the trusty "wind moving balloon rockets: science experiment:

We also did an old but trusted vinegar and baking soda science experiment to somewhat  mimic the swirling of the lights. We pretended the baking soda were the particles and the colored vinegar water was the wind First my babes added food coloring to the vinegar in the small bathroom size plastic cups:

Then we set up the cups and one paper plate for each babe outside. I poured some baking soda on each plate.

And of course everybody had to take a whiff:

Then my babes grabbed their pipettes, filled them with their chosen colored vinegar and let the EXPLOSIONS begin:

And I must say, their results were NOT too shabby:

Happy babes had a fun day!!! If you would like to do the above experiments and need some supplies, LET'S GO AMAZON SHOPPING!!!

(AKGVH  (A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.)

Well, we hope you were trippin' on ALL our Iditarod activities and we inspired you to implement some or all of them in your classroom for Iditarod: The Last Great Race 2016!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your mini book freebie with us at Mommy Monday!!

  2. STOKED you stopped you can see, we have added a FREEBIE Pocket Chart set that matches our Husky Dog book....GRAB it for YOUR babes today!!! One more FREEBIE to come & a Northern Lights science experiment! Do NOT miss them!!!

    1. actually, I have a few more my age, memory is illusive from time to time...

  3. Thanks for linking up with our Parenting Pin It Party x I love all these activities. Your kids are so lucky x

  4. Carolin, you are so COOL!!! These babes are my grandchildren & I am so blessed to be able to have them in homeschool! I must admit tho' after 45+ years of teaching, I am slowing down just seems like I cannot achieve in a day what I used to but then upon reflection, the days of yesteryear always appear more productive and today seems to fly by faster and faster! Many thanks for stopping by once again and commenting!!! I am STOKED you DIG our Iditarod activities and hope they inspire you to follow the Iditarod in 2016!! We hope you visit us again soon!!

  5. What a terrific lesson that covered so many different subjects! I love how interactive and hands on everything is. The kids look like they are having an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday and for sharing the button! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  6. Hi Kelly!!! Stoked you are diggin' our Iditarod activities!!! Hope you were able to glean lots of Iditarod activities for your babes!!! See you soon!!!