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Classic Wooden Soldiers on Parade & FREEBIE

           Classic Wooden Soldiers on Parade & FREEBIE

L@@KS like I am baa-aaaaaaaaaack, can YOU dig it?! TRUST me, you WILL!

...And I will tell you what, at my age vacationing is a trip but it sure takes a toll on the bod...why I was wiped for days! But NOW, I am BACK on our AKGVH blog bringing you our very vintage best from the days of yesteryear! And as stated in my previous post, I am back with Toy Soldiers!

Starting with our FAV Toy Soldier vintage classic cartoon Christmas Toyshop,  we begin our Toy Soldier video extravaganza! This cartoon has been a Christmas FAV in our home for generations. I oft find myself singing the song throughout the day having a most difficult time getting it out of my mind. The good side of that is I have entertained many a babe throughout the decades with a BING, BANG, BOOM!!! Complete with the Sandman, this is a sweet Toyshop classic cartoon featuring the same Santa that Punch & Judy starred with: 

DIG this vintage Disney Sing-a-long with vintage Christmas animation:

 Straight from Disney's Babes in Toyland:

and here is the VERY vintage Miss. Betty Boop with her Toy Soldiers:

Dig these from our FAV Babes in Toyland Movie featuring Laurel & Hardy. My father's FAV comedy team in a couple of clips from their March of the Wooden Soldiers Movie:

You will most def want to get Laurel & Hardy's March of the Wooden Soldiers Movie! My babes DIG it the MOST!

 From Amazon, you can rent or buy:

And of course eBay has a large selection to choose from: 

March of the Wooden Soldiers Laurel & Hardy

O.K. now you do NOT want to miss this BODCAIOUSLY BOSS March of the Toys rendition from Leonard Slatkin Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.
So can you dig it?! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

Leave us not forget Harry Conick Jr's. rendition...well, GET DOWN with the Toy Soldier scene, HARRY!!

Everyone's FAV, The Rockets at Radio City Music Hall:

For the older crowd, they will enjoy watching these 3 Soldiers tap to the sound of Lawrence Welk's March of the Wooden Soldiers in 1967:

These kids from Northwestern State University in Louisiana did a BANG! up Toy Soldier rendition:

Everyone DIGS a parade and the Scranton Ballet Theater pulled off an awesome Toy Soldier rendition right in the middle of the street:

The Panama City First Baptist Church March of the Wooden Soldiers is L@@kin' good on a stage not even half the size of the others:

The Sun City Anthem also on a smaller stage at the Merrill Ranch Christmas Pagent is the BOMB!

And check out our adorable High School Students during their Concord High School Christmas Spectacular: 

Here are some even younger cutie pies:

I do not know why, but the Toy Soldiers just makes me want to cry. Silly, is it not?! That last video was well done by the young ones & wraps up our video section of this here post.

So on to our FAV Toy Soldier records. The first one from Peter Pan records is excellent for interactive Toy Soldier marching. 

You will most DEF be wanting to play this record as your babes like mine, will be marching ALL over the pad:


Currently, eBay has a rather large selection to choose from: 

Wooden Soldiers on Parade

Next a very hard to find from Star-Bright Musical Pack O' Fun is the Toy Parade 78RPM:

You can try to find it on eBay...all I can say is, good luck! 

Star-Bright Musical Pack O' Fun Toy Parade

Our last is The Tin Soldier Show N' Tell Picture Sound Program:

Oooo, currently just one found on eBay...better snag it before it is gone!

The Tin Soldier Show N' Tell Picture Sound Program

Then we made these adorable super easy, super fun interactive play TP roll Toy Soldiers:

Check out our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store's Vintage Toy Soldier Activity Pack 16 pages packed full of coloring, dot to dots, color by numbers & a craft from the days of yesteryear for your Pre-K - Grade 6 child:

Now for your FREEBIE! Our AKGVH Vintage Toy Soldier Color Word Coloring Page from our Teacher's Notebook Store:

Check out our other Vintage Christmas Activity Posts from the days of yesteryear:

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Join us on our ‪#‎Toy‬ Soldier ‪#‎Scavenger‬ hunt...take a flick of a Toy ‪#‎Soldier‬ you have seen and link it to our Facebook Toy Soldier post in the comment section! Let's see how many adorable Toy Soldiers we can find this very ‪#‎Merry‬ Christmas Season...I started first, I found mine in Vegas and attached it in the comment section, now I want to see YOURS!

AKGVH Facebook Page

Here are some links for MORE Toy Soldier fun:

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Now, I am off to Sacramento (Gee, I sure have been "Gramma on wheels" lately but currently, I am DIGGIN' it!) this Thursday and will be back on Saturday to write my last Vintage Christmas Blog post for the year with MORE packs & FREEBIES! See you next week!

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  1. Super cute little soldiers and the general there is adorable :)

    1. Many thanks for visiting our AKGVH blog! Stoked you dig our soldiers! Went to your blog & SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! So many goodies to eat!!! Most def have to visit you again!!!

  2. This is some old school stuff. I would love to buy my kids these types of things. Thanks so much for sharing - and reminding me. I love your homemade toys! Ingenious!

    1. Many thanks for visiting our AKGVH blog, Lisa! So very STOKED you are diggin' my ed media from the days of yesteryear, as TRUST me when I tell you the majority of my curriculum is just that, VINTAGE! We l@@k forward for your visit again soon as you will want to glean MORE vintage ed item displays & info!

  3. I'm totally loving these retro cartoons! Awesome! Had a few nostalgic moments while watching a couple of them.

    The toy soldier craft is pretty sweet too.

    Thanks for sharing at the #CHRISTMASbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Many thanks for visiting our AKGVH blog, Jennifer as I have been following your blog for a # of years now. I am so TRIPPIN' you dig our retro cartoons as of course since I grew up with them in the 50's & 60's they are the BEST in my opinion! Many thanks for visiting us from the blog hop!