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Our FAV Vintage Back to School Fingerplays and Poems

Welcome to our Back to School Fingerplays and Poems blog page!  

The following Back to School fingerplays and poems are fun and useful resources for:

Introducing Poetry to Children
Practicing Fine Motor Skills
Following Directions
Introducing Concepts

Here are some ways to choose your finger plays for the day:
Roll the dice the child with the highest or lowest number gets first pick, then subsequent.
If you are in a large classroom, have each child roll the dice, highest or lowest number gets first pick by their alphabetical order first names.
Make a chart of the back to school fingerplays and poems the children know along with ones you introduce. Use thematic cut outs to write the poems on. Move your pointer slowly down the list. Tell the children they are to choose the poem to be recited by clapping the loudest when the pointer is opposite their favorite.

For some of the following back to school fingerplays and poems, you may want to  incorporate some of our FREE Back to School Patterns. So come back and visit our blog again to get the links.
Get your class READY for Back to School Circle Time with our FAV Fingerplays!!

Here is a nice poem to prompt discussion on how each child got ready for their new school year.

All Ready For School
Summer is over!
But I'm nobody's fool!
I really like summer -
And I also like school!
I bought new clothes
And brand new shoes.
I saw so many pretty things
It was hard for me to choose.
I have a box for my lunch
And for my books, a pack.
I will have to carry everything
Right there on my back!

First Day of School

Hey! Hey! Look at me!
I'm ready to go to school,
To learn to read and write and spell;
And learn all the rules.
I'm going to be very smart,
You just wait and see!
And when I become the President
You'll know it's really me!

Going Back to School 

Today I hurry off to school,
To work and learn and play.
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!

Good Morning
In the morning, when the finger people wake up, (stretch fingers out)
The very first thing they do is to each say,
(Beginning with the thumbs, each finger in turn bows good morning to everyone.)
”Good Morning, good morning, good morning
Good morning, good morning to you!”
Now they all have come to Sunday School,
Mother and father,
Brother, sister and baby too,
And they each say, “Good Morning, good morning, good morning
Good morning, good morning to you!” 

I Like Children
I like children.
I like them a lot.
I like them cold,
I like them hot.
I like them quiet,
I like them noisy.
I like them girlsy,
I like them boysy!

I Wondered When I Could Go to School
I wondered and I wondered
When I could go to school.
They said I wasn’t old enough
According to the rule.
I waited and I waited,
I was patient as could be.
And now I’m all excited ...
It’s time for school for me! 

Make a Happy Day
(Point to particular body part)
Two eyes to see nice things to do,
Two lips to smile the whole day through.
Two ears to hear what others say,
Two hands to put the toys away.
A tongue to speak sweet words each day,
A loving heart for work and play.
Two feet that errands gladly run,
Make happy days for everyone.

My First Day

See me skip,
See me run,
I am going to school like everyone.
See me smile,
See me grin,
When the bell rings, I walk in.
See me work,
See me play,
I am in (Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd, Grade etc.)
My first day!

My School Promise 
Each day I will do my best,
And I will not do any less.
My work will always please me,
And I will not accept a mess.
I will color very carefully,
My writing will be neat.
And I will not be happy,
Until my papers are complete.
I will always do my homework,
And try my best on every test.
I will not forget my promise,
To do my very best!

Off to Kindergarten

Off to Kindergarten,
When I was small I was afraid.
Teacher helped me, and oh, the art I made!
I splashed in water and collected worms,
Never knowing how much I learned.
Pretending how to put out the fire,
I was a princess, in a crown of bended wire.
I practiced how to write my name,
and soon enough it brought me fame.
Exploring, discovering, creative play,
Is what we did everyday.
This was the greatest place to grow,
Now off to kindergarten I will go.
My head held high,
I will try not to cry!

Ready for School

Two little houses all closed up tight (make fists)
Open up the window and let in the light (open fist)
Ten little finger people tall and straight (ten fingers)
Ready for school at half past eight (walk with fingers)

The Creature in the Classroom 
It appeared inside our classroom
at a quarter after ten,
it gobbled up the blackboard,
three erasers and a pen.
It gobbled teacher's apple
and it bopped her with the core.
"How dare you!" she responded.
"You must leave us . . . there's the door."
The Creature didn't listen
but described an arabesque
as it gobbled all her pencils,
seven notebooks and her desk.
Teacher stated very calmly,
"Sir! You simply cannot stay,
I'll report you to the principal
unless you go away!"
But the thing continued eating,
it ate paper, swallowed ink,
as it gobbled up our homework
I believe I saw it wink.
Teacher finally lost her temper.
"OUT!" she shouted at the creature.
The creature hopped beside her
and GLOPP . . . it swallowed teacher.
       - Jack Prelutsky
Copyright Info:
Text ©1983 The Random House Book of Poetry for Children selected by Jack Prelutsky; illustrated by Arnold Lobel; published by Random House Children's Books.
Get a copy for your classroom on Amazon:

The First Day of Kindergarten
I gave you a little wink and smile
As you entered my room today.
For I know how hard it is to leave
And know your child must stay.
You've been with him for many years now
And have been a loving guide.
But now, alas, the time has come
To leave him at my side.
Just know that as you drive away
And tears down your cheeks may flow.
I'll love him as I would my own
And help him learn and grow.
For as a parent, I too know
How quickly the years do pass.
And that one day, it was my turn
To take my child to class.
So please put your mind at ease
And cry those tears no more.
For I will love him and take him in
When you leave him at my door.


Welcome children, I'm glad you're here.
We're all going to have a wonderful year!
We'll draw and we'll write,
We'll sing and we'll play,
We'll paint and we'll build,
And learn new things each day!
The leaves are falling
One by one.
Summer's over
School's begun. 

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