Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to VINTAGE Homeschool 2014

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Well, we are coming around the corner here in San Diego County for the new 2014 school year. We start our new year on September 2, the day after Labor Day.  It just does NOT seem right to go back to school in August. I mean, why else was the song titled "See You in September"???!!! 

The Happenings - See You In September - 1966 

If you are a Frankie Valli fan, DIG this:

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons 


Leave us NOT forget 'Ol Blue Eyes and his September song...


Yes, summer here near the southern pacific coast is STILL SIZZLING in August. Why, we are just now beginning to put our vintage class room together for the 2014/2015 school year. After cleaning up our room from the last school year, we start changing our bulletin board and window decos to enhance our Autumn curriculum...this year I got my son-in-law in on the action. 

Since we are in FIRE country and the Autumn being our most FIRE prone months, we ALWAYS do a Forestry Unit featuring Smokey the Bear

When school begins, we will post our Smokey the Bear and FIRE Safety activities and printables, so be sure to sign up NOW for our Newsletter so you do NOT miss out!!

The Circus always comes to San Diego County in August so we like to cover it during our first week in school:

And boy do we have LOTS of Circus activities and printables to add to our unit for the coming school year. So again, you will NOT want to miss out on those!

Next we add our monkeys to extend our Rainforest. And since we get over-run with "meat eater" bees during the month of September, we add them to our September studies as well:

 Check out our Rainforest bulletin board. We add to it every year:

Be sure to come back and check out our Rainforest and Bee activities and printables this year, we will have OODLES of stuff!!!

If you also want to deco your room with a vintage theme this year, check out our eBay  auctions. We will be listing some vintage bulletin board items, workbooks, textbooks and more!!! So be sure to add us to your "FAVORITES" and check back often!!

 Want to see some samples first? Check out the ones on our blog:

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AKGVH Vintage Ready for School Mini Pack


Well, that is just about it for now. Do NOT forget to sign up for our newsletter and see YOU soon with MORE vintage classroom fun from the days of yesteryear!!!

C.S. Calkins

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  1. So Happy to see that you continue to Home School after all of these years knowing you (30 years). You are an amazing teacher. You are my life saver. You taught me so much in so many different ways. God has blessed you!

    1. so STOKED you came to visit our vintage ed blog!!! Do you remember our logo? Is it not a TRIP to see it again in the year 2014...PTL!!! NEVER could have pulled it off during those yester-years had it not been for YOU girls...MUCH GRATITUDE & PROUD of the career choices you have made...keep following our blog as it will NUDGE consistent posting incentive, not to mention the FREE vintage printables I plan on posting this year. We also have a Teacher's Notebook Store which currently has only a few items but most are FREE...again, just so much it is most def a CHALLENGE to keep it all going smoothly...BUT I MUST keep grinding away...NEVER give up... MUCH LOVE to YOU...XOXOXO!!!