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This coming year we will be listing MANY vintage classroom resources, textbooks and workbooks that will enhance your homeschool curriculum. We integrate these often in our homeschool curriculum. These books are either duplicates or we have copied the entire book for our class. Copying the vintage workbooks for your class then re-selling them is an EXCELLENT way to keep these vintage workbooks books in circulation for others to use and enjoy. Currently, we are having a HUGE Vintage Back to School 2014 SALE featuring FREE shipping & handling to the lower 48 states on most items along with a buy 5 items, get 10% off!! That's TRIPLE the SAVINGS in YOUR pocket!!! Here is our page link:

 A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool's eBay Auction Listings

The following are just a very few examples of the BEST in vintage curriculum supplements that we have for sale on our eBay auctions: 

  Check out this extra large 1981 Smurf Village you can make:

These vintage Circus paper dolls are brilliantly colored cardboard featuring all your FAV vintage circus acts:


 We currently have several vintage war games up for auction:

and some not so vintage:

We love our vintage charts and use them on a regular basis in our classroom:

  This vintage chart is all about Air. Geared towards K-Gr 3.

We DIG this Camping Golden Press-out Book featuring ALL our FAV 3D camping scenes! It goes well with our Smokey the Bear Forestry Fire Safety Unit. Since we are located in the National Forest we cover this unit each Autumn as that is the fire season for us.

We even have a 3D 1979 Official Smokey the Bear  Press Out Book from Western Publishing to incorporate with it:

Walt Disney's 1977 Storytime Puppets from Whitman features some of our FAV Disney characters. 

This Hospital Flannel Board Set goes well with our Doctors and Nurses Community Helpers Unit:

Check out this vintage 1943 Humpty Dumpty Flannel Board Set...SWEET!!

We do lots of things with our Instructo Pictures that Rhyme Flannel Board Picture Set. 

YOU can get one for your classroom or homeschool from our eBay auctions:

My babes DIG this 3D Interactive Habitat Diorama book...so MUCH FUN to color, glue and watch it become 3D!

Here is a 3D Beaver Dam Mini Book we made from this book:

1951 Things to Make for Boys and Girls Ages 7-12 FILLED with lots of fun things to make.

1997 Look What You Can Make With Paper Plates is packed full of paper plate crafting fun.

1975 30 BIBLE STORY PROJECTS TO MAKE featuring all your FAV Bible Stories. 

What a DYNO resource  when studying Famous People. These crosswords are not only fun, but also MOST informative. 

Another boss resource but this is for toddlers and Pre-K. Packed with 200 ideas and activities for all types of learning.

O.K. we DIG this Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors Paper Toy featuring dolls and scenery. We scaned this to make copies for each child then acted out the story either all together or in rote.

We made our OWN Coats of Many Colors, just like Joseph's!

Thunderbirds Are Go is one of my FAV vintage series. In the 60's I used to watch the movies on the Saturday Afternoon Theater on T.V. All my children and grandbabes dig the Thunderbirds scene!!! We have just about ebery Thunderbirds Are Go! episodes, toys and the like ever made!

Your babes can experience more Thunderbirds adventures here:

Thunderbirds Are Go

While this book is NOT vintage, it is a Back to School off shoot of the “Old Lady” books. Signed by the author, with a dust jacket, this book is LIKE NEW!!!

Want to trip on MORE "Old Lady" books?

There Was an Old Lady

These vintage Disney Masks are a HIT when acting out stories, movies, T.V. Cartoons and the like. 11 masks featuring your FAV Disney Characters.

Well, time to relax in the tubby while reading a book, then hit the rack!!! I will try to add more items tomorrow but in the meantime visit ALL our auctions here:

A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool eBay Auctions

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