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 A Kindersgarten Vintage Homeschool ROCKS the days of yesteryear featuring the most BODACIOUSLY BOSS vintage materials and curriculum. From time to time, we also visit other blogs, websites and occasionally Pintrest to obtain current curriculum and ideas. 

With 12 of us residing together due to the current economy (two of my children have after @ 10 years of living on their own have come back home with their families along with gramma), keeping up with this blog, our eBay auctions and Alibris and Teacher's Notebook stores will be minimal at best. But I am COMMITTED to bring YOU the best of yesteryear as much as humanly possible.

That said, here we are in flicks

This is a recent flick of me of which you will NOT see often as having pictures taken of myself is really NOT my bag. In fact, this picture was taken at one of my hubby’s movie premier on the Red Carpet. I chopped it to use for biz purposes.

The child of my old age, Julian Donovan who is currently 13 years old and has ALWAYS been homeschooled. MEGA LOVE YOU!!!

Damien is currently 5 years old. Eh-na LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES YOU!!!

Rayven is currently our ONLY girl grandbabe and at 4 years old, what a DOLL XOXOXO!!!

Levi Eugene(“Nutter” is his nick name as first we had one babe, then we had a “Nutter”) currently age 3, and Zander (Z man of whom we called baby Z when he was an infant) who is 5. While they may look like twins, they are in reality 15 mos. apart. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!


KaiaSue came along in 2013 as our 2nd grandbaby girl. She has learned quickly from her older brothers as her love for them is deeply rooted as is their love for her.

Then LillieSue came along in 2014 so now Z Man has his baby KaiaSue & Nutter has his baby, LillieSue:

They have bonded so much over the years they forever cling to each other displaying their love:

Elora is our last babe born in October of 2015.

Well, we thought Elora was going to be our last babe but on December 12, 2016, here came EllaSue:

 And for the 2nd 2016-2017 school year semester, the Smith-Gonzolas family is joining our AKGVH:  

Great Grammies in our classroom performing interactive reading with the babes.

Well now, one cannot live in the National Forest without having a few critters of your own:

Betty and her babes:

And MORE piggie babes:

Our ducks as babes (must protect them from WILD crits!!!):

Julian carried his goose everywhere:

Spotty & Dottie as babes:

Midge (piggy) was ALWAYS raiding the food pan as a babe:

Eh-nuk – found him in the forest, he just walked right up to my car. I said, “Get in boy”, and he did! He was @ 2 then. He is @ 11 years old now.

Puddles (dog) hangin’ with our Emu’s:

Julian used to be able to carry Go-tee around…now Go-tee is FULL of himself!!

Leave us NOT forget some of the wild crits:

MEGA babe lizard:

 MEGA HUGE toad:

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