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62 Ways to Get Your Grinch On This Grinchmas & FREEBIES!

Welcome to our 62 Ways to Get Your Grinch On This Grinchmas & FREEBIES post! And since this here post is in honor of the Grinch, DIG his song:

If you are in need of some Grinch activity fun, well, you have come to the right place! This here post is jam packed with 59 activity links, our Grinch light bulb craft tutorial, our Glitter Grinch craft and even Grinch FREEBIES! So jump in this vintage sleigh with us and get YOUR Grinch on today:

Well, my babes just love the Grinch Who Stole Christmas cartoon and every year they watch it over and over, and over, and over, and over, well you get the scene! And since they are such Grinch addicts, like many others across the web, I thought we should make Grinch light bulb ornaments for our tree.  

What we used:

Green Craft Foam Sheets

Green "Fluff" - this is from my decades old vintage craft supply stash so I am unsure what it is called as I just do not remember.

Pipe Cleaner Length

Green, Black & Yellow Acrylic Paints

Clear Acrylic Spray Paint

Child Size Paint Brushes

Slender Paint Brush


Adult Scissors or Cutting Board for Large Groups

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Used Light Bulbs

TP Tube

School Glue (Optional)

Black Glitter (Optional)

What we did:

First I laid out some newspaper on the table and taped it down. I put smocks (old adult T shirts) on my babes and had them sit at their crafting table. Then I squeezed some green acrylic paint on a plate and set it in the middle of the table. Next, I set a tp tube in front of each child and set a used light bulb on top of each one. Giving each of my babes  a child sized paint brush, they began to paint the entire bulb. 

When they were finished with one side, we let them dry. Then turning the bulb over, they painted the rest of the bulb. After they had dried, using my slender paint brush, I painted the Grinch's features in black on each one and let it dry, then I painted yellow inside each eye. 

Next on a sunny and warm day, I laid some newspaper out on our deck and brought the Grinch bulbs with their tp stands and placed them on the newspaper.  Using the clear acrylic spray paint, I sprayed each bulb and let them dry. I repeated the process a few more times to be sure the paint was sealed and let the bulbs dry. Then I turned the bulbs over on their stands and repeated the process.

While the Grinch bulbs were drying, I measured and cut a strip of green craft foam, one for each Grinch bulb. If you have a large classroom or group, you may want to use a cutting board to save time. Using my glue gun, I glued the "fluff" along the top edge of the craft foam and then I glued on a length of pipe cleaner one end on each side:

After the bulbs had dried,  using the school glue, I traced the black lines and had each babe sprinkle black glitter on their own bulb. I set their bulb back onto the tp tube to let them dry. Once again, I sprayed a couple of layers of clear coat to seal the glitter. 

When the bulbs were completely dry, I glue gunned the craft foam strip on the top:

Needless to say my grandbabes DIG their Grinch ornaments:

and l@@k how pretty they are hanging on the tree:

If you want to make the Grinch Light Bulb Ornament with your babes, you can print out the face design and trace it onto your painted bulb: 


If you are in need of some supplies to do the above Grinch Ornament Light Bulb Craft, DIG the quick links from Amazon:

Another Grinch craft we did when my grandbabes were wee ones is this Glittery Grinch Deco. I gave each of my babes a green crayon to color the Grinch's head I drew and printed out on heavy weight manilla tagboard. Next using school glue, I traced the lines on the Grinch and had my babes sprinkle green glitter on the glue. We let them dry then I cut out the Grinch heads then stapled them to the fence we place around the tree each year to keep them from climbing it. This is a super simple craft as any babe who can hold a crayon, put it on the paper and draw a mark can make our Glittery Grinch Head Craft. And TRIP on this...they came out real swell:

Your babes can make this craft with your wee ones as well using my hand drawn Grinch head FREEBIE Printable: 


Need some green glitter? Why not try using different shades of green to highlight your Grinch head's various features: 

How about heavy weight manilla tagboard?

Here are 59 more links to Get Your Grinch On in YOUR classroom today:

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If you live in or near Jacksonville, Orange Park or St. John's Florida, be sure to catch this FREE live theatre play: 

If you live in San Diego, Ca. be sure to catch the Grinch at the Old Globe. This has been traditional gift to our wee ones over the decades: 

On FB Dec 26 @ 12 AM MST: 

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What fun we've had! Now let's have MORE Grinch fun...let's go Grinch Shopping!!

Grinchmas on eBay

Grinchmas on Amazon


And that makes 62 Grinch activities packed FULL of fun and well, it just cannot get any Grinch better than!

We hope you were able to get an out-a-sight Grinch On this year with these most far out resources! Be sure to bookmark this link for quick reference in the years to come and visit our AKGVH blog soon for MORE teaching activities, fun & FREEBIES!

See you then!
C.S. Calkins

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