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Fire Prevention Classic Vintage Book & Record Reviews with FREEBIE!

Welcome to our Fire Prevention Classic Vintage Book Reviews  & FREEBIES post!

We hope you have enjoyed our Fire Prevention Unit activity fun thus far! 

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Fire Prevention Classic Vintage Video Reels & FREEBIE!

My babes DIG the book and record set scene. Some feature a narrator along with various orchestrations, songs and sounds, while others are just narrated. Book and record sets bring a multi sensory supplemental adventure to the story. The following sets are our FAVS and we read them several times throughout our Fire Safety studies.


The first Fire Safety book and record set we read while listening to is "Five Little Fireman". It was a Little Golden Book that was put into a record set. The bright and colorful detailed illustrations take you along with 5 firemen of yesteryear on their job putting out a little house fire:

The firemen received a call about a house fire. Down the pole they slide and jump into their firetruck:

The fire won't wait, so off they go:

They clang as they whiz through the streets:

They get to the little burning house and each little fireman promptly performs his duties:

The five little firemen put out the fire:

Then off they go back to the fire station, mission accomplished: 

And the five little firemen jump into bed, a job well done:  

As you can see, The Five Little Firemen classic vintage book and record set is an excellent addition to your Fire Prevention Unit for younger elementary children. You can get it on Amazon:


We are very keen on Peter Pan Records as they are bursting at the seams with sounds, songs and brilliant illustrations. Frankie the Brave Fireman is a Peter Pan Book & Record set we review every year as well.

Frankie was a brave fireman:

but no one in his town took him seriously:

Even his fellow firefighter's sing about his mishaps accompanied by an orchestra:

But Frankie kept a positive outlook and worked hard:

One day as Frankie sat on his bunk polishing his badge, the fire bell rang...all the firemen slid down the pole:

Frankie scurried as fast as he could but he was too late....Frankie had been left behind: 

The firemen were already at the fire singing their fireman song as they worked:

As Frankie came upon the scene, the firemen were gone and all was serene...but was it?

Sure enough someone had left their puppy and the fire was still burning upstairs...the building was about to collapse. As quick as a wink, Frankie grabbed a nearby ladder and climbed up:

Frankie grabbed that pup and out the door he ran...the people cheered:

The townsfolk talked about Frankie's bravery for a long time afterward and Frankie and the pup became best friends:

You can get Frankie the Brave Fireman book & record set on Amazon:

eBay has a few to select from:

Frankie the Brave Fireman Peter Pan Book & Record Set

Our last book and record set is Huckleberry Hound at the Firehouse:

One day when Huck went looking for a job, he happened upon the firehouse. When the firemen saw he was not a Dalmatian, they promptly threw him out:

After Huck pouted for a bit. he went home and came up with an idea:

When Huck went with the firemen, all he did was create havoc:

But Huck was not daunted, no siree! Quick as a wink Huck jumped down the chimney and ran out the door and jumped into the firetruck:

Huck backed up the truck and slammed on the brakes. All the water poured out onto the fire:

And when the water washed Huck clean, the firemen discovered he was not a real firedog and waved good-by:

You can get Huck at the Firehouse for your babes on Amazon:

eBay has a substantial selection to choose from: 

Huckleberry Hound at the Firehouse Peter Pan Book & Record Set

We made Dalmatian headbands to go with our Huck the Fireman story. 

I had my babes cut two ear shapes out of white heavy-weight tagboard while I used my trusty paper cutter to cut a 24" X 1.5" strip for each child.   

Then I had my babes put spots on the ears and their headbands using a black bingo marker.

Next they glued the ears onto their headbands in the proper places and let them dry.  When dry, I wrapped the headband around their head for a snug fit, then removed it & stapled the ends where they lay. 


My babes had so much interactive adventures playing Huck as I read the story. 

If you want to make Dalmatian headbands with your babes but need some materials, Amazon can deliver them straight to your door:

Next we made Dalmatian Pudding Cups. First I had my babes stamp black "spots" on pre-cut white foam ear shapes using the eraser on the end of an unsharpened #2 pencil and a black ink pad. 

While they were doing that, I drew a muzzle & whiskers on a clear plastic cup with a black permanent marker.  When they were finished, I glued the spotted ears and two wiggle eyes on their cups with my glue gun.   

Then we made the pudding and stirred in some chocolate chips. I poured the pudding into the cups and of course my babes wanted whipped cream on the top. I would say our Dalmatian Pudding Cups turned out real cool and tasty too!

If you want to make Dalmatian Pudding Cups with your babes without going to the store, Amazon can fill that order:

And here is for your FREEBIE! Our Dalmatian Fire Dog Mini Activity Pack from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store: 

Vintage Dalmatian Fire Dog Mini Activity Pack

We hope you enjoyed trippin' with us through this segment of our Fire Prevention & Safety Unit cuz we DIG having you along for the ride! 

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We will be sharing more of our Fire Prevention activities so be sure to visit AKGVH again soon!

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    1. There sure is something magical about these book and record sets, Kelly! Adding live action sound to a book while reading along is a MOST exemplary media to instill comprehension, not to mention older children can hold the book and turn the pages while you get something else prepared, And overall, the older ones DIG the scene! GREAT time saver! Many thanks for hosting #SocialButterflySunday, Kelly!