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A Very Merry Vintage 2014 Christmas FREEBIES!

A Very Merry Vintage 2015 Christmas FREEBIES!

(revised December 20, 2015 C.S. Calkins)

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

For unto you is born this day,.... Day is here put for a natural day, consisting both of night and day; for it was night when Christ was born, and the angels brought the tidings of it to the shepherds. 

(Please note that altho' the angels in the above clip art are depicted as women, there is NO mention of women angels in the Holy Scriptures, I just think this flick is a TRIP!)

The particular day, and it may be, month and year, in which Christ was born, cannot be certainly known; but this we may be sure of, it was in the fullness of time, and at the exact, season fixed upon between God and Christ in the council and covenant of peace; and that he was born, not unto, or for the good of angels; for the good angels stand in no need of his incarnation, sufferings, and death, having never fell; and as for the evil angels, a Saviour was never designed and provided for them; nor did Christ take on him their nature, nor suffer in their stead: wherefore the angel does not say, "unto us", but "unto you", unto you men; for he means not merely, and only the shepherds, or the Jews only, but the Gentiles also; all the children, all the spiritual seed of Abraham, all elect men; for their sakes, and on their account, and for their good, he assumed human nature; see Isaiah 9:6

in the city of David; that is, Bethlehem, as in Luke 2:4 where the Messiah was to be born, as being, according to the flesh, of the seed of David, his son and offspring; as he is, according to his divine nature, his Lord and root. The characters of this new born child follow, and which prove the tidings of his birth to be good, and matter of joy: 

a Saviour; whom God had provided and appointed from all eternity; and had been long promised and much expected as such in time, even from the beginning of the world; and is a great one, being God as well as man, and so able to work out a great salvation for great sinners, which he has done; and he is as willing to save as he is able, and is a complete Saviour, and an only, and an everlasting one: hence his name is called Jesus, because he saves from sin, from Satan, from the law, from the world, from death, and hell, and wrath to come, and from every enemy, 

Which is Christ the Lord; the Messiah spoken of by the prophets; the anointed of the Lord, with the Holy Ghost without measure, to be a prophet, priest, and king in his church; and who is the true Jehovah, the Lord our righteousness, the Lord of all creatures, the Lord of angels, good and bad, the Lord of all men, as Creator, the Prince of the kings of the earth, the Lord of lords, and King of kings; and who is particularly the Lord of saints by his Father's gift, his own purchase, the espousal of them to himself, and by the power of his grace upon them: and the birth of such a person must needs be joyful, and is to be accounted good news, and glad tidings.

Gill's Exposition


Like many of you, we too have made several nativity scenes throughout the Holidays of yesteryear. Here are a few of them we hope you will enjoy possibly making with your babes as well:

One year we made Baby Jesus in a manger zip bag. First I had my babes glue wiggle eyes, glue a very small pom pom on for a nose and draw His mouth on a tongue depressor. Then using 1" gauze from our first aid kit, I told them to wrap their baby Jesus in His swaddling clothes. 

Then we put Him in a ziplock baggie with some alfalfa, and here is Baby Jesus in His manger:

Another year when my grandbabes were wee ones they made a large manger using our FREEBIE printable, tongue depressors, brown construction paper and hay. This is an excellent manger craft for wee ones:

And here is your FREEBIE vintage Baby Jesus coloring page to make this manger craft:

One year for grandparent Christmas gifts, we made Manger Foot kitchen towels:

We also made Angel Foot kitchen towels:  

My older babes made an angel ornament from a rather large bright colored shell we found on the beach one Holiday season:

When Julian was a wee one in Holidays gone by, we made this Angel card:

And as you may have seen on our Christmas Advent Calendars post, when Julian was 6 & Sierra was 4, we made vintage Nativity Advent Story Chains:

You can get our FREEBIE vintage Nativity Story Chain Advent Calendar template from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store: 

And for our piece de rĂ©sistance, l@@k at these brilliant vintage Nativity silhouettes we made using black spray painted popsicle sticks, dark blue & white tempera paints, a bit of alfalfa along with our FREEBIE Nativity silhouette stencils: 

You can get our FREE vintage Nativity silhouette stencil template to make this craft with your babes here:

My grandbabes enjoy these VERY Vintage Christmas Cartoons from the days of yesteryear and your babes will make these a Holiday viewing tradition as well: 

Littlest Angel (animated) As a child, my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Dale showed this film every Christmas. I saw myself in the Littlest Angel and always cried when watching & to tell you the truth, I still do!

(Please note while there is no account in the Scriptures of baby or child angels, nor are angels described as having wings, nor do humans turn into angels, and a lot more Biblical errors  in this cartoon, yet the story line DOES align with the TRUE nature of God, which sure does make one humble! )

Betty Boop's Grampy - Grampy makes a Very Merry Christmas for the orphans:

Somewhere in Dreamland - 1936 - These poor children dream of Christmas and their dreams come true

Mickey Mouse - Christmas (Santa Workshop) and Decorations - Double feature

If you are in need of "Emergency Gifts", this 31 page FREEBIE (available from Dec. 20, 2015 - Dec. 23, 2015) from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store. This Gift Pack is filled  with various picture frame ornaments, cards, gifts & MORE!!

Vintage Christmas Emergency Gift Pack

We at A Kinder's Garten Vintage Homeschool wish you & yours a most JOYOUS day of remembrance, honor & reverence brought to us by our Saviour, Christ the Lord!

C.S. Calkins




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