Monday, September 1, 2014

School Day of Yesteryear Sequencing FREEBIE

Tomorrow is the BIG Back to School 2014/2015 day!!! Are you ready? It always comes way too fast for us. Never do get everything done like I would want....but school marches on. 

Here is a vintage Back to School Sequencing Puzzle FREEBIE  along with some vintage Sandwich Recipes from the days of yesteryear to ease your day. May your back to school day go as smooth as the little boy's day did! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Love the vintage images! And I spend a lot of time working on sequencing, so this is great. Thanks.

    1. STOKED you dig it Susan...ALL of our items are VINTAGE as I have been teaching for 40+ years and these items come from my files of yesteryear...we will be offering MORE sequencing pages in the future. Many thanks for your pleasure!