Monday, October 22, 2012

October San Diego Wild Animal Park Field Trip

Does not look like ANYONE missed me as it is APPARENT from the flicks all had a MEGA fun time at the Wild Animal Park field trip this year. Due to my menopause cycle (STILL with me, BUMMER!!!) I was unable to attend due to the EXTREME heat wave which had I gone with, would have put me ON MY FACE. I can just see myself on the ground in the middle of some off beaten path!!! Well back at home I was able to SOMEWHAT catch up (REALITY??? I NEVER do!!!) Praying I can go next year if the good L-rd tarries!!! 

 My grandbabes appear to be MAJORLY trippin’ ALL over this bat...DIG IT!!!

KONG, is what’s happening for my grandbabes (a FAV from BIRTH)!!! My father who has been home with the L-rd for @ 1 ½ years now went to see Kong as a child during the depression on the BIG screen. His KONG obsession has trickled down the generations. We ALL say his name just like my dad…KONG!!! To us Kong will ALWAYS love FAY RAE (we dig her too!!)

The THINGS my grandbabes SQUEEZE themselves into NEVER ceases to BLOW ME AWAY!!!


Well, GET IT ON DOWN DAD!!! CAUGHT those WIGGLERS (at least two of them for the time being...HA, HA!!!)…BLAM!!!

At 6”5”, Dad tops the KING of the JUNGLE!!!

Ridin’ the Rhino is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bitchen!!!

Cruisin’ through a maze of WILD crits is ALWAYS psychedelic (at least when one is at the Wild Animal Park)!!!

Well, let us NOT forget the Star Globe…on it like a CHEAP SUIT!!!

So here they are at the Wild Animal Park trippin’ on a LOG of ALL things!!!

YUPPERS!!! One cannot DENY they ALL were WIPED after a FUN FILLED day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park!!! PEACEFUL night that was for me!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

If you ever get a chance to come to Dago, be sure to visit our San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for a ROARIN’ good time!!! They do NOT call the parks “World Famous” for nothing (Just remember to NOT visit during the Summer as both parks are PACKED to the GILLS with tourists from ALL around the world…MEGA CRAMP YOUR STYLE!!!)!

Come cruise with us on our next field trip in November at another world famous spot the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center in Balboa Park, San Diego Cali!!!

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