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Bring the days of yesteryear to your homeschool classroom via our BODACIOUSLY BOSS VINTAGE shopping links. Browse & buy VINTAGE classroom deco, books, games, crafts, and MORE!!!  Dig the VINTAGE scene: 


Comic books are a gateway to good reading habits. As a child in the 60’s my parents bought us kids a slew of comics. My brother’s favs were Sgt. Fury and the like, my sister was fond of Suspense and Romance comics while my FAV’s were Betty & Veronica and Harvey Comics. We all loved Classics Illustrated and STILL do.
I have used vintage comics in my classroom for decades and now you can also. Here are some links to our fav vintage comics: 





Ready to rock the vintage scene in your homeschool classroom? Trip through these sites:

Alibris Hard to Find Books Standard

Click Here

Our FAV Herbal Holistic Remedies and Products from Amber’s Organics

Now you may be thinking we are trippin' putting links for Amber's Organics on our Vintage Shopping page but REALITY is Organics & Holistic Cures ARE some of the BEST things from YESTERYEAR and we DIG the Amber’s Organics Garden of Cures scene!!! Not ONLY does Amber’s Garden of Cures feature Organics & Holistic cures, her prices along with S & H are MEGA FAR OUT!!! 

Amber includes heavy info on ALL her products such as origin, uses, and MORE!!! Cruise on over to her stores using the links below…YOU too will DIG using Amber’s Organics products!!! HOT!!!

Here is the link to Amber’s Organics eBay Store FEATURING shopper FAVS:

Amber’s Garden of Cures Website to trip out on her ENTIRE inventory:

Amber's Garden of Cures Website

Amber’s Organics Facebook page where she posts inventory info…GET DOWN, AMBER!!! ROCK THAT ORGANIC HOLISTIC CURES SCENE!!!

 Amber's Organics Facebook Page - "Friend" Her TODAY


Here are some links to my fav 2012 downloadable teaching and curriculum resources:


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