Tuesday, February 13, 2018

AKGVH FAV Vintage Valentine Video Roundup

Back when I had my pre-k throughout the 80’s, I recorded several Valentine cartoons to show my wee ones every year. Thankfully, I have kept those tapes and now I have been able to view them with my children and now with my wee grandbabes. 

Over the years, I have found viewing reels pertaining to certain subjects have enhanced their interest in the subject at hand. On youtube, I have been able to find some of our FAVS for your wee ones to enjoy. If you would like to purchase any of these videos, scroll down to the bottom of this post for the links!

My wee ones love to sing this song throughout the Valentine Holiday Season. Your babes will be playing this video singing along drivin' you nuts all days as well:

Disney aired a Valentine Special that I recorded as well in 1984. I have not been able to find that exact reel, but the following Disney Valentine compilation comes close to what I have:

And we ALL know Donald loves Daisy:

Even Chip ‘n’ Dale found a Valentine, but WHO will win her heart?

Little Audrey, one of our FAV mischievous little girls gets a front row seat when the Gingerbread Man takes the Angel Cake for his wife:

Little Lulu is another of our FAV mischievous little girls. Her Valentine Special begins at 3:00 on this video. I tried to find it without the intro but could not:

The world’s FAV Pink Panther even scored himself a Valentine:

The Pink Panther unwittingly shoots love arrows into the air striking some familiar characters:

Join The Berenstain Bears as they celebrate the holiday of love:

The FAV Chipmunk, Alvin gets in on the Valentine love as well:

Theodore falls hard for Juliet:

Even Simon has a heartthrob:

And in this episode, Simon falls into deep water over a Mermaid:

All the Chipmunks join in on Valentine’s celebrations in this feature length cartoon:

Our FAV Woody Woodpecker plays Cyrano in this feature:

Dora loses the Valentine she made for Boots. Will she get it back?

I could not find “You’re in Love Charlie Brown” in a video format, but I found the audio recording:

You can get the book and record to play for your wee ones from eBay: 

You're in Love Charlie Brown Book and Record

Mr. Magoo tells the story of Cyrano, the great love story in Cyrano Magoo:

Here is a Valentine Special featuring one of the most famous love affairs in cartoon history, starring none else but Popeye and Olive Oyl:

In this Popeye episode, everybody loves and we used to drive our parents nuts with the chants:

For the learning pleasure of your older children, have them watch this St. Valentine History cartoon:

Now for the viewing pleasure of teens and adults, the best Romeo and Juliet rendition we have ever seen featuring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey, Part 1:

If you would like to purchase the movie, you can get it from Amazon:

We love to listen to the soundtrack either at home or in the car as well:

If you are ready to purchase any of the videos above, at least the ones we could find, you can get them from Amazon here:


And now, for an exclusive AKGVH FREEBIE! You can download, print and cut out our FAV vintage Valentine’s to give to your loved ones! Just click on the link below: 

AKGVH Exclusive Vintage Valentine Cards 

Or, have your wee babes make “Valentine Bugs” with their foot and hand prints just like ours! 

Easy to make and cost effective, these personalized valentine bugs will be a keepsake enjoyed for years to come. To make these bugs, you will need foam sheets in red, pink and white, white pom poms, red glitter pipe cleaners, red, pink or white shimmer glitter and Aleen’s Craft Glue: 

We hope you enjoyed our AKGVH FAV Vintage Valentine Video Roundup, craft idea & FREEBIE!

L@@king forward to your visiting our blog once again real soon! See you then! 

C.S. Calkins
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