Friday, November 6, 2015

15 Ways to GO VINTAGE in YOUR Classroom TODAY! And FREEBIES!

Welcome to our 15 Ways to GO VINTAGE in YOUR Classroom TODAY!

Going vintage in your classroom overall thought upon initial encounter, a rather foolhardy endeavor. Yet, the chance of a possible glimpse into days of yesteryear compels one to curiously unveil the treasures materialized in the classrooms of days gone by. As you drift back through the corridors of time,  your senses become absorbed with the excitement of attainment for your 2015/2016 classroom. From that point, success becomes not a burden, indeed the proven track record of yesteryear reprieves. You are now FREE to author student fruition time and again, thereby renewing your teaching passion!

That expressed, I further reveal the 13 ways to begin going vintage in your classroom this school year:

1. Well, NO DOUBT visiting our AKGVH blog often, signing up for our newsletter, following us on social medias (, @akindersgarten) our Teacher's Notebook Store (, and Pinterest (cscalkins) is # 1 on the list. My vintage collection of decades in the making is undiminished and more oft than not RARE and EXCLUSIVE!  So visit often, become a follower and/or sign up for our newsletter. TAKE NOTE: When you sign up for our newsletter, you will be given the op to attain EXCLUSIVE subscriber ONLY FREEBIE vintage printables! DIG THAT!!!

2. eBay. If you are NOT a member of eBay, JOIN! To join is free and the bennies obtained from a GIGANTIC WORLD WIDE swap meet is never ending! Many sellers such as AKGVH have sales or "Best Offers" which allows for bartering with the seller. You will find it most compelling as you can bargain shop 24/7 right where you are. Add our store to your FAV sellers to catch future sales:

And while you are on eBay, visit our pathway2vintage eBay store as well. We sell some very rare vintage items and some that are not so rare or vintage. We offer "Buy it Now" or "Best Offer" options along with FREE shipping and handling for the majority of our items! And Currently during our Autumn Sale, if you purchase 5 or more items at one time, you get a 10% Paypal refund. So go ahead, check out our store and buy it now or give us an offer we can't refuse! 


3. Believe it or not, Amazon also contains the treasures of yesteryear for reasonable prices. The trick to Amazon findings are keywords.

4. Another site that has vintage books for classroom use is Abe Books featuring low prices with flat S & H rates:


5. Etsy is another treasure trove of days gone by but I have found unless I am looking for a very rare item, the prices are a bit steep with no bartering power. The good thing about Etsy is many homeschoolers have Etsy stores and purchasing from homeschool stores helps to supply their classroom needs.

6. You never know what you can find on and more oft than not, if your desired item is not on the site, a convenient eBay link is provided on the page.

7. Craigslist. While Craigslist can be "iffy", once again, it does NOT hurt to give it a whirl for hard to find items.  More oft than not those who sell vintage items you can used in your classroom are safe to purchase from.

8. While Saturday morning may be your day to recoup lost sleep from the past exhausting week, I can assure you, rising to catch those garage sales in the early hours pays off boucoup as bargain treasures abound! Since you are at the sellers home, conversing with the seller(s) may unearth unexpected bennies.

9. If you have a local flea market, or as we call it here in So Cal, the Swap Meet, again move early. Keep your eyes roving the wares, glancing in corners and boxes to find any possible treasures that lie beneath. 

Remember do NOT be shy to implement shrewd bargaining skills with the above as the majority items offered are of little value to the current owner(s), or intend to be liquidated in a timely manner.  

10. Thrift stores always contain surprise finds and if you play it right, you can hit a sale day, racking up to 50% savings on top of already low prices.

11. Your local Library has book sales from time to time. These book sales clear out older volumes to make way for newer volumes or authors. They also help to fund library activities. You would be surprised the different medias libraries have to offer and it's not just books. Your local library may also have an email newsletter outlining their offered activities throughout the month, which may include any sales.

12. Project Gutenberg has thousands of FREE vintage ebooks you can download for classroom use, some from the 1800's: 

13. There are some sites in webland that have FREE vintage clip art. Here are two I visit:

Reusable Art

Rookno 17

If YOU know of any other sites that host vintage ed items, well, we would be STOKED if you LAY IT/THEM ON US!!!

14. Download our EXCLUSIVE 1879 On Class Teaching Teacher's Manual. This manual was published in England and features the following chapter topics:

Scope of the Subject

The Teacher

Method of Instruction: Aims and Means

Method of Instruction: Class Subjects

The Class

This antique book is chalked FULL of virtuous teaching techniques which when implemented, will  take  any educator on a journey to the height of classroom achievement. 

15. Get our FREEBIE Going Vintage TODAY printable sample pack from our AKGVH Teacher's Notebook Store:

Going Vintage in YOUR Classroom TODAY! FREEBIE Sampler Pack

So get a movin' and journey through the world of days gone by with your classroom today! Be sure to come back and share your vintage implementation(s) with us! L@@KING very much forward to your experience(s) going vintage!! 

C.S. Calkins

Freebie Friday

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