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Classroom Behavior and Manners Helpers

Classroom behavior and manners are the most important concepts to be implemented regardless of age. They allow for each child to be heard and respected as an individual along with enhancing their learning capabilities.  Implementing manners and expected behaviors can be a FUN process especially for younger children when you use following fingerplays and songs. They promote gentle yet firm encouragement and motivation allowing your classroom to run efficiently and smoothly. Continuous reinforcement of good manners and behavior must be implemented on daily basis throughout the school year to ensure a pleasant environment. These methods have worked well for our homeschool allowing us to progress efficiently both in the classroom and in public.

 Sing to: Are You Sleeping?

Active listeners,
Active listeners.
Eyes on me,
Ears on me.
Sitting flat,
Hands in your lap.
Listening !
Learning !

Sometimes my hands are at my side, (Hold hands at side)
Then behind my back they hide. (Put hands behind back)
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers so, (Wiggle your fingers)
Shake them fast, shake them slow. (Shake fingers fast and slow)
Sometimes my hands go clap, clap, clap, (Clap hands)
Then I rest them in my lap.
Now they are quiet as can be. (Sit down and rest hands in lap)

Obtain colorful vinyl or rubber placemats one for each child. Fasten their names or pictures for younger children onto their mats using clear contact paper. This procedure will help the children find their place easily and quickly along with preventing arguments.

Sing to: Skip to My Lou

Work, work, doing my part,
Work, work, doing my part.
Work, work, doing my part,
Doing the best I can! Yea!

I am working hard, What about you?
I am working hard, What about you?
I am working hard, What about you?
Are you doing the best you can?

Yes, yes, I am doing my part,
Yes, yes, I am doing my part.
Yes, yes, I am doing my part,
Doing the best I can! Yea!

Working together, doing our parts,
Working together, doing our parts.
Working together, doing our parts,
Together we'll make a difference!

Cut out footprints from bright colored contact paper and apply them to the floor where your children line up. Have the children line up in a single file for small class size and a separate boys and girls line for a larger class size by standing on the footprints. The line(s) will be straight and help prevent pushing as everyone will their own set of footprints to stand on.

Sing To: Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortnin' Bread

Everybody line up, line up, line up,
Everybody line up at the door.
Not on the ceiling, not on the floor,
Everybody line up at the door.

Sing to: Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye

Na na na na, (Twist.)
Na na na na, (Twist.)
Hey hey-ey, (Wave arms overhead from side to side.)
Good job! (Clap.)

Wiggle the body parts as they are mentioned.
I wiggle my fingers,
I wiggle my toes.
I wiggle my nose,
I wiggle my shoulders.
Now no more wiggles are left in me,
So I will sit as still as can be.

Sing to: Twinkle, Twinkle 

Here are some rules for you and me,
See how important they can be.
Always be honest, be kind and fair,
Always be good and willing to share.
These are rules we all should know,
We follow these rules wherever we go. 

Sing to: Farmer In the Dell 

Let us clean up today,
Let us clean up today.
We've had our fun,
Our day is done.
Let us clean up today!

We raise our hands to speak,
We work quietly at our seats.
We use voices soft and sweet,
We keep our places tidy and neat.
We are helpful, friendly, and fair,
We take turns and willingly share.

You twiddle your thumbs,
And clap your hands,
Then you stamp your feet.

You turn to the left,
You turn to the right,
And make your fingers meet.

You make a bridge,
You make an arch,
You give another clap.

You wave your hands,
You fold your hands,
And put them in your lap.

Quiet Time

We will hop, hop, hop like a bunny, (Make hopping motions)

We will run, run, run like a dog. (Make running motion)

We will walk, walk, walk like an elephant, (Make walking motions with arms)

And jump, jump, jump like a frog. (Make jumping motion)

We will swim, swim, swim like a goldfish, (Make swimming motions with hand)

And fly, fly, fly like a bird. (Make flying motions with arms)

We will sit right down and fold our arms, (Fold hands in lap)

And not say a word. (Place finger over mouth)

Another Version:

This is my quiet time,
My feet are flat and still.
My hands too are still,
My hands are in my lap.
My head is limp,
My body is limp.
Now head rest on my knees,
My head comes up,
Now I am ready to listen.

Stop, Look, and Listen

Sing to: The Farmer in the Dell
Stop, look, and listen.
Stop, look, and listen.
When it's time to do your work,
Stop, look, and listen. 

At discussion time, I use an American Indian traditional "talking stick".  I introduce the rule that you are not to speak until you have the talking stick in your hands.  It helps prevent children from calling out.....it is a physical, tangible reminder to speak only when called upon along with giving the speaker your full attention. When I speak I mount the talking stick on the wall near the chalkboard in a flag holder. The children display respect for the talking stick and awe when they hold it. The talking stick prompts oral language skills along with the desire for discussion participation. 

Sing toFrere Jacques

Are you helping, 
Are you helping.
Pick up toys, Pick up toys.
Let us all be helpers,
Let us all be helpers.
Girls and boys, girls and boys.

Two little feet go stamp, stamp, stamp, (Stamp feet)
Two little hands go clap, clap, clap. (Clap hands)
One little body stands up straight,  (Stand straight)
One little body goes round and round. (Turn body)
One little body sits quietly down. (Sit down)

Sing to: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Walk, walk, walk at school,
Like your teacher says.
If you run you will fall,
And bump your little head.

1, 2 ... Here's what we do.
3, 4 ... Bottoms on the floor.
5, 6 ... No talking lips.
7, 8 ... Sit up straight.
9, 10 ... Now let's begin!

Wind the bobbin up, wind the bobbin up,
Pull, pull, clap, clap, clap.
Point to the ceiling, point to the floor,
Point to the window, point to the door.
Clap your hands together, one, two, three,
Put your hands upon your knee.

Good classroom behavior and manners can be encouraged and implemented for most learning levels using the following resources as helpers.

This Classroom Management Pocket Chart is ideal for managing classroom organization! It can be used with attendance, organizing groups, behavior management, job assignments, and more!

This adorable Colorful Owl Behavior Bulletin Board set offers a creative way to manage students' behavior. Teachers write students' names on owl accents and behavior management levels on the tree.

Rather than say it, why not sing it! School Rules is packed with attention grabbers, songs about good behavior, manners, lesson openers and closers, self esteem, procedures, sharing, being a good student and much more - 46 songs in all! For added value, the music pages are reproducible with melody line and chord symbols, and each song offers helpful teaching tips and a host of cross-curricular activities. So, tell the elementary classroom teachers in your school! They'll find these songs helpful, too! A performance/accompaniment CD is also available separately or in a Classroom Kit with the Teacher book. There are helpful demonstration tracks to help learn the songs and accompaniment tracks when teacher and students want to showcase their own voices! Suggested for Grades K-4.

Teasing, Tattling, Defiance and More provides teachers with appropriate language and other practical, concrete strategies for encouraging students and positively redirecting them. 

 Teachers and parents can track student progress with assignment, behavior, goals, and so much more with the fun themes of the mini incentive charts. Includes 630 colorful stickers!

This Dr. Suess behavior management bulletin board set will be a FAV for both teacher and pupil.

Well, we hope you can use these few ideas to get your class started on a pleasant, smooth school year. If you have any ideas, media, etc you use with MUCH success implementing good behavior and manners, we ALL may benefit greatly with your share.  So PLEASE SHARE!!! See you next time!!!

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